A $625,000 Sewer system started in suburb of Mosul, Iraq

Pre-positioned pipe and marked trench lines together with the trencher in position, are positive signs for local residents that a new sewer system will replace the open sewer also shown. (USACE file photo)

Blackanthem.com, Mosul, Iraq, October 30, 2005


By next spring, Al-Zharaa, a suburb of Mosul, will have a belowground, pipe-enclosed sewer system installed to replace the surface flow system operating today. Workers are digging the first 1.5 kilometers of trenches and pipe is pre-positioned to make this modernization a reality.

The replacement system will bring improved sanitation and health conditions to more than 700,000 of Mosul’s 1.5 million residents. Additionally, this project, overseen by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Gulf Region North, will stimulate the economy by bringing $625,000 to the city in the form of worker salaries, supply requirements, and other services associated with construction projects.

"This new sewer will go a long way to improve the living conditions of the citizens of Mosul," said Lee Kenderdine, USACE Mosul office resident engineer. "It is this type of reconstruction project that shows the common citizens of Iraq that a better life is coming."

This type of major civic project is coordinated and directed in partnership with local Iraqi officials.

Note: Claude McKinney is a Public Affairs Specialist at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Gulf Region North.

By Claude D. McKinney
Gulf Region North
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers



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