Task Force Baghdad raids net two more terror suspects

Blackanthem.com, Baghdad, Iraq, April 14, 2005

A cordon and search operation by Iraqi Army Soldiers resulted in the capture of a terrorist wanted for working with anti-Iraqi forces April 12. The suspect was taken to the Iraqi Army unit’s headquarters for questioning.

Another Iraqi Army unit searched a house in north Baghdad after a detainee from a previous raid told them weapons were being hidden there. The Iraqi Soldiers found 12 grenades, two rocket-propelled grenade missiles and one mortar round. 

In west Baghdad, U.S. Soldiers raided another house and captured another specifically targeted terror suspect. The Soldiers also found one nine-millimeter handgun with magazines, AK-47 rifle ammunition and a passport. They also found other forms of identification used by the targeted individual. 

Both suspects remain in U.S. custody.

“Over the last three days, the Iraqi Army, Iraqi Police, Iraqi Security Forces and Task Force Baghdad Soldiers have taken more than 70 suspected terrorists into custody,” said Lt. Col. Clifford Kent, a Task Force Baghdad spokesperson. “Our capabilities continue to grow and improve every day as our Iraqi Security Forces counterparts grow stronger.”

Iraqi Security Forces and Task Force Baghdad officials strongly encourage local citizens to report suspicious behavior by emailing baghdadtipshotline@yahoo.com or calling one of the TIPS hotlines at 07901737723 or 07901737727.

By Task Force Baghdad PAO