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Army Warrior-Soldier of the Week
By Lindy Kyzer, Public Affairs Specialist, Media Relations Division, Office of the Chief of Public Affairs, Department of the Army
Aug 7, 2009 - 8:20:28 PM
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Blackanthem Military News
On May 14, 2009, Staff Sgt. Jarion Halbisengibbs was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his gallantry in action in Samarra, Iraq, on Sept. 10, 2007.
WASHINGTON, D.C. - On May 14, 2009, Staff Sgt. Jarion Halbisengibbs was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for actions in the Samarra, Iraq, on Sept. 10, 2007.

Staff Sgt. Halbisengibbs led a combined assault force on a group of farm houses known to be an insurgent hide out in total brownout conditions. Coming under fire while moving to the objective, he identified and killed his first immediate threat. Upon reaching the objective, he initiated the assault with a single grenade immediately killing three insurgents inside. As he entered the building following his assault element, he instantly killed another insurgent engaging the assault element at close range.

While continuing to clear the building, he was shot in the thumb and propelled to the ground by a blast of an enemy grenade. As he relentlessly continued to engage the enemy, he killed a fifth insurgent in close quarters. Subsequently, when he tried to report the status to higher, he was shot in the abdomen when he killed yet another insurgent as he fell to the ground.

For his exceptional gallantry in action, Staff Sgt. Jarion Halbisengibbs is this week's Warrior-Soldier.

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