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Taji, Iraq
Oct 16, 2007 - 1:41:12 PM
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Taji, Iraq (Arabic) is an area approximately 20 miles north of Baghdad, and the site of a large U.S.-controlled military base.


Al-Taji airfield, in the volatile Sunni Triangle, was originally an Iraqi Republican Guard base during the Saddam era. It was once a center for the manufacture of chemical weapons. Taji was also the largest tank maintenance facility in Iraq.

The base came under United States control following the 2003 Invasion of Iraq, also known as "Operation Iraqi Freedom."

It was initially taken over by the 4th Infantry Division, then the 1st Armored Division. It was turned over to the 1st Cavalry Division in April 2004, at which time the 1st Cavalry Division Support Command, 4th Aviation Brigade, 2nd Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment, a company of Oregon National Guard Soldiers,3rd Platoon from Cco 1/102nd Inf(L) Connecticut, 1-25th Aviation Battalion from the 25th Infantry Division, and the 39th BCT (Brigade Combat Team) from the Arkansas National Guard lived and worked together with the 1st Cavalry Division within the camp. The 1st Cavalry Division relinquished control to the 3rd Infantry Division in March 2005, and the camp came again under control of the 4th Infantry Division in 2006. As of November 2006, the 4th Infantry Division was relieved, and 1st Cavalry Division is now in control of the base.

Camp Taji is now known as one of many United States camps that also house members of the new Iraqi Army and the Iraqi National Guard. Camp Taji is broken up between two Camps that are joined by a joint Iraqi/US gate. The Iraqi side called Camp Tadji is where the Iraqi troops, as well as the Transition Teams live. There is great controversy over the fact that the camp is divided, between "US and them". Much has been written on the subject, but with a simple look at the two camps one can see that there is a great difference in the quality of life on the two sides of the camp.

In September 2004, Camp Taji reportedly boasted the largest PX facilities in Iraq, with Subway, Burger King and Pizza Hut franchises. Although the PX facility is large, it remains poorly stocked in comparison to Baghdad and Balad due to supply issues. Of some 106 bases used by the United States in Iraq, Camp Taji is considered one of 14 "enduring" bases.

The area immediately to the north along the main supply route to Camp Anaconda, an airbase outside of the city of Balad, is now referred to "ambush alley" or "Sudden Death". IED attacks, small arms fire and complex attacks on convoys and patrols remain an almost nightly occurrence.

On 15 August 2007, 9 rockets hit Camp Taji, including one at the PX. 2 US Soldiers and 2 Iraqi civilians were KIA, and 5 US soldiers and 5 Iraqi civilians were WIA. One US contractor was hit by shrapnel but not injured.

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30 Sep 2011, 00:09
Well, my unit is leaving soon. As for base amenities, there is the PX, which does not have to much. A movie theatre which plays 2 movies a day about 3 times ea. No more Haji marts. There is a coffee bean and an MWR.There is a swimming pool with set hours. US comz is the only internet other than niper and siper. It is slow and cost 60.00 dollars a month.Their are a few gyms on base.
Bob St. Clair
07 May 2011, 15:39
Hello All,

I"ll be at Tagi in Mid-June. I hear everything is shutting down there, only one DFAC, no food courts, PX is bone dry and not even the Green Bean Coffee shop anymore. So I'm preparing for a hard trip. Can anyone brief me on current facilities and security posture?. Thanks.
07 Apr 2011, 10:37
My daughter is in the National Guard and has been in Taji since about January. The conditions seem good - she has said they have everything they need.

The base got hit with morters about two weeks or so. No damage to the base and no one was injured. Another base got hit at the same time - they did have damage and injuries. Not sure about the details.

Pray for all of our troops.
debbie hernandez
01 Apr 2011, 18:48
just wanted to send all my love antonio.i love you with all my heart...may god protect youn and the troops and may god god protect you under his wings godbless you
25 Mar 2011, 05:22
Husbands on his way there now
Ga. Pops
07 Mar 2011, 16:37
I just stumbled over this web sight & like so many of you, i have a son in country. I know from time to time i don't hear as often as i would like, but do understand. It's tuff being here & not knowing what's going on there, but one has to believe, if you believe, that our loved ones are safe, and you learn to read between the lines, as they learn to read between yours. One last comment, Dennis ole boy, you are a real JERK from away back & nothing would give me more pleasure than to slap the living crap out of you. My old Mama taught me early on that if i didn't have anything to say worth saying to keep my big mouth shut. She's dead & gone, but you could learn a lot form her. Sorry for venting on every one else, but that just rubs me the wrong way. Ga. Pops & proud parent
17 Feb 2011, 20:43
Hi all from Taji, Well i have read through alot of the post and I am here to inform all of you that Taji is alive and well. This base is still a thriving force in the Military as we help in the Transition. Only one Motar has hit here and from what I understand no one was injured. Thank god. So to all that are still here with me remain vigilant in everything you do.
Melly D
17 Dec 2010, 06:43
Taji is my brother's 1st deployment. I'm really nervous about him being in Iraq. He has sacrificed a lot to serve his country. I am so proud of him. Tommy II, you are in my constant thoughts and prayers. Love you, brother!
06 Dec 2010, 07:06
anyone know the mailing address to taji
PO Flo
15 Oct 2010, 07:37
I just left the base six months ago and the living conditions improved to that of a third world country. I was one of the last people to leave that base and nothing ever seemed to change the entire year I was there. Now that the Iraqis have it, I am sure it only got worse.
mufadal tekri
18 Aug 2010, 15:45
i want to see camp taji aafes bazaar pics.
03 Aug 2010, 13:40
'Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands Protect them as they protect us Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. Amen.'
03 Aug 2010, 12:48
My daughter and son inlaw are both at Taji and have been since March. The Skype connection is sporadic most of the time. Phone connection not much better, but we do have e-mail.
alex loredo
13 Jul 2010, 17:35
My son is at taji now and I hope he is fine and safe. I ask every one to send our soldiers care packages they really love them.
06 Jul 2010, 23:23
My boyfriend is stationed at Camp Taji right now... i just hope all is going well :( its very hard with him there
the scholar
12 Jun 2010, 12:55
my fiance is on his way to Taji. i hope all goes well n tht everyone over there stays safe :-)
cindy lou
17 May 2010, 14:32
Amen brother Troy. Have a safe journey. My son is there too, and I pray constantly for everyone's safety and for peace on this great earth.
Elder Troy Rose
13 May 2010, 00:48
I just learned that I am on my way to Camp Taji to continue on serving my fellow comrades. I am moving from a little base to a big base. I believe I was there with the 3rdID back in 03. WELL, serving in a new uniform and now on the other side of service has been a double honor. Above all I have mentioned; I God who has kept me and that he continues to cover us all by the blood of the Lamb. We Must continue to pray in Jesus name and that he keeps his hand upon our President, BARAK OBAMA, The Soldiers who daily risk their lives as well as the Civilian Contractors who are right there with them.
12 Apr 2010, 20:19
My husband is getting ready to deploy to Taji in May. We were just married and this of course will be our first deployment. Im an army brat but having my spouse leave will be harder. I pray for him, his unit, the soldiers there and their loved ones left behind!
04 Apr 2010, 11:19
Hello all! My son just go to Taji a couple of weeks ago. Quite the worried parent. Keeping all our military in prayer for a safe return home.
02 Apr 2010, 08:27
Well, I hope everyone's doing well. Oz will be leaving Taji really soon, and of course, due to OpSec, I will not say where to, but I hope everyone's loved ones come home safe and sound. To everyone else, take care, and I'll try to visit back soon!
31 Mar 2010, 08:19
According to Oz, that place has long since closed down, since there's no one there to run it. But yes, it was most definitely a coffee-shop.
24 Mar 2010, 12:43
The mud house< is a coffee shop, were you can hang out and playcards and stuff
22 Mar 2010, 09:50
Hello to all! I'm new to the site and thought I'd see how all the other wives/girlfriends are doing on here. My boyfriend, Oz, is currently stationed at Taji, and I miss him every day. Luckily, thanks to the wonders of technology, I've been able to talk to him every day. I just would love to say, sisters/mothers/girlfriends/wives, you are not alone in missing your other halves, and I hope you all have a blessed day!
SPC Smith, James
04 Mar 2010, 00:57
Please think of the troops out there now... i was there... what i'm trying to say is to use some tact when on sites like these... cause you can never know who may get on here... it is what we in the military knows as OPSEC...
01 Mar 2010, 14:02
I have a husband that just went to Camp Taji. We skype about every other day or so. I try not to feel like he is avoiding to skype me but it is hard when he calls me so late over there and he tells me all the things he did during the day that is not work related and how late he sleeps in. I ask him why he don't skype me when he wakes up and he gets really defensive. My mind also goes to him cheating because that is just the way I am. I read online that is a place for the soldiers to "hang out together" called the Mudhouse. Did anybody hear of it?
15 Feb 2010, 23:39
starlite, did you hear from him yet?
13 Feb 2010, 06:21
If you have a soldier going there they will be able to tell you the amenities. As someone once said a spouse will learn the word OpSec. Giving information about the buildings online is not a wise idea.
12 Feb 2010, 18:45
Does camp Taji have a big gym?
06 Feb 2010, 23:33
I would like to thank all those who posted positive comments. This is my first deployment with my soldier and I am extremely worried. It is encouraging to hear some good comments. It is nice to know that there are people out there who can and will help without knowing you. I thank all of you. Kind and positive words go a long way when you are terrified. I realize that you have to take the good with the bad but there really is no reason to heap more upon the plates of people who already have so much to worry about in the first place. that's just plain selfish.Thank you all again!

Praying for the safe return of our men and women,

Worried Wife
An Army Wife
28 Jan 2010, 11:16
i do apologize for posting the links. i am just concerned about all of the information posted and thought if they had a local group they could participate in then maybe less info would be giving out.


The army wife

one of the many..
An Army Wife
28 Jan 2010, 10:51
Spc. John Wagner
24 Jan 2010, 10:01
I was on Taji for 9 months. I will miss the place.
Proud Dad
23 Jan 2010, 05:44
My son along got home on the 19th from Iraq. Our hopes and prayers will be with those that will be going and with those that are there now.
And since he is home I will not be on here anymore and would like to vent also.
DENNIS Keep your damn mouth shut.
you don't need to be filling peoples minds with doubt. they have enough to worry about!!!
20 Jan 2010, 04:14
It is longer between deployments, but he just came in to the army after we were there's Basic and AIT to go through.
17 Jan 2010, 16:44
Not all cheat, but there are a hell of a lot that do here, men and women, guys are bored and women are lonely, don't make it right, but could be our last,and women want to be loved, held, made to feel special & feminime when they are in uniforms all the time
16 Jan 2010, 12:24
@Proud Mom, 4 weeks is an awfully long time to wait. I'm so glad you heard from your son!

@Kasmaran, I thought it would be longer between deployments!
Proud Mom
15 Jan 2010, 13:07
Sorry, I vented. No matter how many years it still gets to me and I still have my days. We can't dwell on the negatives right now. Good News. After 4 weeks, I heard from my son. He's fine. He had been working away from the "main base" with no internet or phone. He was able to call his wife who is also military. I try to keep her spirits up also and it isn't always easy when I worry also. All I can say is keep busy and every chance you get to talk to your loved ones, make the best of it.
15 Jan 2010, 00:52
There is no excuse if they have the time and do not call, but it is also important that we understand that they don't always have that time. I'll put it this way, I've been a military wife for over a year and I've had 6 months with my husband at home with me. Now he's going again for a year. It's not easy on either end, all I wanted to say is that we should keep our heads straight until you know what's happening. Just because one soldier cheats doesn't mean another will. Those thoughts will always go through soldier and spouse's head, just not good for either to always dwell on the "what if's"
14 Jan 2010, 18:02
Proud Mom, you did help me a lot. I have not heard from my boyfriend in two weeks, and although I know he is travelling, I am still worried and anxious. For girlfriends who are new to dating a Military man, it's great to have the advice of an experienced wife. So, thank you.
Proud Mom
14 Jan 2010, 14:33
usmilwife I'm sorry if you are going through a hard time and I hope you are able to talk to your loved one soon. Not only am I a mom of 2 son's in the military, I am also a wife to a now retired soldier who was deployed. I am also the close relation to a young man who served in Afghanistan and was shot through the neck and is now paralyzed. Please do not assume you know who I am. I was only trying to help these ladies who haven't heard from their loved ones. I know with experienced that it's hard.
14 Jan 2010, 12:32
I'm smiling because I so agree with USMIL wife. Yes its hard on the Soldiers absolutely no doubt we all know that. When the soldiers do get a chance to contact their families and/or kids It really only takes a few minutes to tell someone you love them, that your ok, and that you miss them. Children sometimes especially little ones do no have a good concept of time, and don't always understand how long a year really is. Both of my children have disabilities so the time thing is hard to explain to them. My kids and I pray hand in hand every night for our soldier and every soldier that is working so hard for our country and our freedom. We truly cherish every phone call and every email.
13 Jan 2010, 15:08
Proud Mom I understand what you are saying but you dont understand what a wife is going through so please don't try too because a wife will just get upset. I know the Military life and I am very pround of what soldiers do but I don't agree with them being away for a YEAR and not calling their KIDS!!!! Your use to not talking to your child on a regular bases but WE are. So if they get a day off then why not call your love ones to assure them that everything is OK? So please don't give excuses.
Proud mom
11 Jan 2010, 17:10
Be proud of your soldier and support them at all times. Anyone writing and saying that they are all cheating over there is a very unhappy self centered person - I feel sorry for them. Our soldiers have a job to do. They are busy and sometimes it takes weeks to hear from them. Things we think are urgent and we need to talk to them about just can't always be first priority to them even when they want it to be. It's hard on all of us but hang in there.
11 Jan 2010, 16:32
Rae it is common for soldiers to rest or take days off and go to Taji. As for what LookinCalifornia said in the last part of the message, I a spouse it's hard enough to stay positive for long periods of no contact or long deployments. There are always spouses who cheat, everywhere. There are good men and women at home and deployed and these people don't need those thoughts ruining the little time they have to spend talking to their spouse worrying about things that probably haven't happened.
11 Jan 2010, 16:14
My husband called today and said he was sent to Taji for rest, while working. He also said his superiors have been contacting hinm to make sure he is resting. He sounds very very depressed and sound sick. He also said it will be awhile before he can email or call as communication is scarce now. Has anyone ever heard of soldiers coming here to rest before?
11 Jan 2010, 15:55
Thank you, Kasmaran, and LookinCalifornia. I am brand new to this, and you have both made me feel much better with your advice. I have been sending my love, and messages to him, every day. I want him to know he means the world to me, and I can't wait for him to get home.
11 Jan 2010, 12:26
@Starlite- Don't worry, sometimes life happens over there that they can't control and days can go by without an opportunity to connect. Just be patient and stay positive.
@Dennis- You are a condescending instigator who obviously likes making people feel bad. These spouses at home have enough to worry about without stressing over whether or not their other half is cheating on them while deployed. As for the soldiers, I'm sure they want to thank you for making them spend their whole phone calls home defending accusations of cheating. Happy New Year!
11 Jan 2010, 04:32
it is normal while they are traveling, just be sure to send emails and stay as up to date as you can. It's hard for them to stay in touch at all times, but your warm wishes will make him smile when he can get to them.
10 Jan 2010, 12:42
Is it normal (or at least not too weird), for a soldier to be out of touch with his girlfriend for over a week before / during travel? I am really worried.
07 Jan 2010, 13:20
I just found out that the man I was talking to is married. He found me by mutual friends on Facebook and requested for me to be his friend. I agreed and we had been chatting and he sent me $300 for X-Mass. Finally someone told me that he is married with two kids and one on the way. These men will find a way to get attention. Can't trust none of them. I got $300 out of it and he never touched me. So the joke is on him!
06 Jan 2010, 11:47
i think if i were one of you women were your men havnt talk to you in a long time .... clean out the bank account he will be calling you then. lets face it men have this need to spread there seeds.. even if they love you to death the will still have sex with someone at least once if not you got a areal good man on your hands but ya know all the women over there are probably dealing with same thing were there guys at home. even if your the hottest girl in the world there still going to cheat on you but ya know what im sure the guys are also thinking your cheating on them.
05 Jan 2010, 07:10
this page is certainly eye opening, with impending deployments and families that want to calm there mind this is a good thing. I do have to agree that we really shouldn't post dates, names, or any actions. I do want my other half to come back in one piece.
Proud Mom
03 Jan 2010, 01:57
My son was home for the holidays and is now back at Taji. His father and brother were also military so I'm used to evasive answers and what can and can't be said. You learn to read between the lines and every chance you get say how much you love them and support them. Just because you don't hear from them doesn't mean they are having an affair or somthing bad has happened. They have a job to do and it comes before family. Skype is a cheap good way to stay in touch.
Proud Dad
02 Jan 2010, 06:56
Does anyone use skype or facebook to chat with family over there?
Chat with my son once a week
01 Jan 2010, 10:16
nope,email is up and running, just slow at times
Proud Dad
01 Jan 2010, 07:41
My son will be coming home in about 2 weeks from Camp Taji.
His mother and I will be very happy to see him
31 Dec 2009, 12:49
Are the soldiers at Camp Taji, Iraq not allowed to use the internet at this time? I'm asking because my boyfriend and I talked on a daily basis online, then it shrunk to every other day, now I havent heard from him in a week. He posted a message saying that he cant get online anymore. Is that odd?
29 Dec 2009, 13:34
ladies,ladies be realistic, if you have not heard from him since Oct he is definitely up to something,there are some hot women here at base,and we are in a war zone, stress relief 101, think about it, the pool is closed but we still have eyes uniforms or not, they all come off the same way.yes marriages are broken but nobodie cares
28 Dec 2009, 11:48
Haven't heard from my boyfriend in over a week, Is it safe to assume he doesn't want to?
He Is currently in Iraq
27 Dec 2009, 21:50
I see that someone wrote that Camp Taji is a great place for an affair. I have not heard from my husband since Oct 2009. Everyone walking around in shorts and teeshirts. Of course they are going to have feelings for others. I just hope the Military knows how this breaks up families. I have called his unit and still have not received any call from him. I have kids who are taking not hearing from him on Holidays or their b-days realy hard. They cry and I am all alone with no one to talk to. I know he is have a affair.
25 Dec 2009, 07:27
Great place to have an affair
18 Dec 2009, 04:27
I have to say that being retired military that there are alot of OPSEC violations on this site. People get a clue and keep it to Good Thoughts and well wishing and leave the details out. THAT GOES FOR MILITARY POSTING HERE AND CIVILIANS ALSO. WHat you post mayjust cost a soldier his or her life please wisen up.
15 Dec 2009, 05:50
hey my step dad is over there and hes a damn good father who need to come home soon we miss him so come home soon dad we are proud of you
Pfc Allison
14 Dec 2009, 11:59
I'm going to be going to Camp Taji in august of next year, so if anyone can inform me of anything else about the base, please feel free to email me at thanks
12 Dec 2009, 12:23
I remember with joy the days I spent in Iraq working in Taji in 1980-1982. At that time I was a Soviet officer sent to Iraq after graduation from an institute. The life there was not boring at all. Almost every Friday we went to different interesting places, including Babilon, or we could stroll in Baghdad or visit shops and souqs. At that time the city was calm in spite of war with Iran and the attitude of local people towards Russians was good.
Proud Dad
03 Dec 2009, 20:56
I have a son who is a medic at Camp Taji. Wishing him a Very Merry Christmas. Dec 18th he will have been married 1 year.
His tour is almost over and he will be coming home.
GOD BLESS to all of those who went before him and to those that will follow.
01 Dec 2009, 18:08
Taji was pretty boring and the internet sucked.
29 Nov 2009, 14:23
You people need to stop giving dates, units, times etc. My son is in Iraq but thankfully not near this Base he's in Somewhere, Iraq somewhere! Stop giving out info! You have no idea who may see it. As far as it being "kush" now I'm sure that hasn't always been the story...and there are plenty of FOBS, Camps, etc that are still sh** holes! Sharing and comforting is one thing but stop with the units, movements, etc.
20 Nov 2009, 06:39
I love this helps to read and also let your feelings out on it!
Thank you!
20 Nov 2009, 06:36
My newphew is stationed there in Taji. He recently got to come home for 14 days. I have to say seeing him when he first got to see his mom after being gone for 9 months was sooooo heart touching! He has matured and seemed a little quite, didn't say much about what is going on over there, which is okay, from what you hear and read well we just wanted to enjoy having him here. He has been back there now over a month and his mom feels like it has been a lot longer...can you see they both have a connection with each other that is truly amazing :)..I just pray everyday that he and every soldier there gets back safe and sound! Thank you and God Bless our soldiers and their families!
Current Tenant
20 Nov 2009, 06:04
Please do not report any happenings on Camp Taji. I am currently there and would like to come home in one piece. Thanks.
18 Nov 2009, 11:26
My husband has been at camp taji since May of 2009, He doesn't give me too much info about whats going on over there, OPSEC (If your a military spouse you will learn to loathe that word) But, it has been fairly quiet over there for them. My husband is complaining about the same food everyday lol he misses home cooking and he loves the gym facilities and he says the PX is usually pretty fairly stocked. So, don't worry too much about your soldier...he is trained for this sort of thing. We have 2 little girls one of which was only 2 months old when he left and I know the hardest part of all of this is him being away from the girls and me...seeing as he missed the first year with both of them :( but Taji is one of the better places they could be. Just beware the phone a crappy and tend to cut out a lot and the internet is very intermittent! its a pain and sometimes if they have the webcam up it tends to freeze the's a pain but well worth it! And this is also my husbands third time at taji so no worries, everything will be okay! Its not nearly as awful as it was the first time he was there in 2003, and he is so thankful for that.
12 Nov 2009, 09:43
My husbands unit is moving to the Taji base sometime after the 1st of the year. They are already stationed in Iraq. So as I have been reading on here, the base (or camp as some would call it) is not as bad as it once was? I know its still dangerous (its Iraq) but anything comforting would help me alot. I came across this site while trying to research more about Taji. Thanks.
09 Nov 2009, 15:15
i lost my best frind Sgt Daniel Shaw in November 3 2007 there. any info would great
That other guy
07 Nov 2009, 19:23
I am sure it is great now, as every week and month that I was there the quality of life greatly improved. I would be happy to return.

However, “that guy” you sound like you know a lot from 2009, and almost diminish the service of those who served and died there before you. I was there in 2003, we did have all the incidents that you suggest that this base never had since its conception, it did suck, we did get attacked and we did aggressively define and defend our perimeter. Everyday we wore our kevlars, vests, and those lucky enough to have them, sappi plates, 24/7, by order and necessity.

I now you mean to reassure the guys headed there now, and yes, everyone going will gain weight and eat better than on a carnival cruise, but, this comfort and luxury has been paid for in full, and should not be carelessly forgotten.
06 Nov 2009, 22:31
people please dont post dates and unit names...your putting your soldier and everyone elses in more danger by doing so. anyine can read these things. please be smart.
That Guy
03 Nov 2009, 06:58
Oh, also.... There are no consistent or remotely often mortar attacks on this base. There are no car bombs driving through the gates. There is no "breeching the wire" incidents to speak of since this bases conception. Your sons and daughters will be walking around in their PT shorts and T-shirts with some sunglasses as the only mandated protective gear to speak of. They will be enjoying such ammenities as Cinn-a-Bon, Burger King, Taco Bell, Popeyes Chicken and all of that good stuff. Taji as a post, is not dangerous in the slightest...If it was AAFES wouldn't even consider setting up shop, which is probably the 2nd largest PX in theatre there at Taji. So any of you parents or spouses who are getting reports from your loved ones that the post is "terrifying" are getting information from a scared soldier. The outlying area is contained, but don't kid yourself..It's still goes BOOM at random times. Accept it as an inherant risk your soldier took when he donned the uniform. I see alot of information on here from 'spouse' type people and not the soldiers themselves, so I felt I would help shed some light for those of you who may have been wondering about what it is like over there from someone who knows, as I just came back from there March '09. Thanks for listening.
That Guy
03 Nov 2009, 06:44
I cannot believe some of you guys posting departure dates along with units and specific locations. For those of you who have questions about Taji though, understand it is quite literally a "kush" place to be. Phone calls can be made easily and readily. Internet connections are established within every soldier's own individual room (no more MWR wait lines) but it is finiky and goes down and comes up at the most inopportune times. Your husbands, wifes, sons and daughters will be well fed, I mean WELL fed and the exercize facilities are outstanding as well. So please, stop worrying so much about things. Taji is a good place to be, if you are obligated to be in country anyways. Thanks for listening, I hope this helps ease some nerves.
desmond hall
22 Oct 2009, 09:47
Hi, i will be going to Taji, Iraq im with the 2101st Transportation Company out of Demopolis, Alabama...We will be departing Jan. 7 2010...Its good to see that people can come together at this hard time and pray for other troops just as well as their own...I ask that you keep me and my unit in your prayers...Im the baby in my unit im only 19 and yes i get nervous abot going cause i've never experienced anything like im about to dive head firsy into...But again i asked that you keep all soldiers in your heart's and prayer's...HOOAH!!!
Desson's Wife
21 Oct 2009, 10:29
Hello everyone I want to thank all the men & women in uniform for serving our country. My paryers go out to wives, husbands, kids, friends, and everyone for being strong. Its been 2days and i havent heard from my hubby. I miss him so much. this is our first deployment, and him not calling or texting its hard to stay strong. I Love You Jerith. Mwah.. I miss you alot. Thanks for creating this site. Was looking for info on Camp Taji.
My husband's company moved out there Oct 19, 2009.... I heard its takes about a mile and a half to get to MWR...
Jena Schroeder
17 Oct 2009, 09:28
My son, Dutch has been over there for about a month now, I'm glad he has his friend Sean over there with him. Seans wife and I stay in contact to support each other. I keep my son and all there in my prayers for a safe return home. I am so proud of my boy.
"Texas mom"
soldiers wife
12 Oct 2009, 09:21
My husband Sean has been in Iraq for about a month now. My son, daughter and I miss him more than words could possible express. I continue to pray for him, the rest of our troops, and their families. God bless all of you! We love you Sean!
Joel's Girl
12 Oct 2009, 07:45
My boyfriend is stationed at Camp Taji right now. I miss him very much, and I hope he stays safe. Only 11 months until he comes home though :) I'm very proud of him and everything that he does for our country.
02 Oct 2009, 23:34
my soldier just left for camp taji today well tomrow there time oct 2... he told me its really dangerous and this makes me feel horible i pray for him everyday... its gonig to be three days maybe more befor i get to talk to him again... this is our frist deployment together but i have been threw other with my father and uncles... this is so hard wish there was some way it could be easier...

20 Sep 2009, 21:47
my boyfri3nd just w3nt to camp taji s3pt 2 and i miss him so much i hav3nt h3ard from him sinc3 h3 l3ft and that kills m3 but i pray for him 3v3ryday. I hop3 h3 is ok as w3ll as th3 oth3r sold3rs in camp taji..Alvar3z i lov3 u sooo much and i miss u lik3 crazy
18 Sep 2009, 20:37
I just want to let everyone at camp taji know that you are awesome. and James S. you are really missed and want to be with you again. love you.
Cindy Dalson
17 Sep 2009, 21:16
My boyfriend just went to camP Taji, Iraq, sept.7. I wonder when will he be able to sent out email or making phone calls?? I miss him so much. WM please send me some email or news from Taji. I want to know what's going on...
I Miss you, WM.
I Love you WM, more than you can imagine...
I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. XOXO
16 Sep 2009, 16:41
My boyfriend just go to camp Taji today. I miss him so much already. I will be praying for him and all of our brave troops that are serving our country.
11 Sep 2009, 09:13
Well we have 22 more days before my nephew HOPEFULLY gets to come home from Iraq for 10 days. He is missed very much by his family, but his momma breaks my heart to see how much she misses her littl boy who she knows now will come home a man. Safe and sound!! We pray all of our soldiers come home safe and sound!
shana zier
10 Sep 2009, 12:44
how do i put a message on here
08 Sep 2009, 09:05
A former student of mine is stationed here. I hope he is doing well and stays safe - Malachi.
07 Sep 2009, 16:22
My husband is in Taji and I miss him very much. I pray for eveyone that has a love one there.
06 Sep 2009, 16:53
06 Sep 2009, 13:31
What info are they (is) be given out that is not already been distributed by the DoD? Camp Taji is not some hidden secret base that no one knows or should know about. Saying my son went there is not a violation of OPSEC.
06 Sep 2009, 13:20
angel eyes
03 Sep 2009, 06:31
tengo dos personas muy impotantes en el camp taji uno es mi mejor amigo y otro es mi prometido, lounico que les deseo a ellos y los demas soldados es que dios los acompañe!!! los quiero y extraño !!!
Woried Mother
23 Aug 2009, 13:07
Our son just arived thay to i pray everynight he will be safe
20 Aug 2009, 12:24
My brother just arrived in Taji today and I pray for his safe return. Its so great to hear comment from soldiers who have been their or loved ones who have family there.
19 Aug 2009, 19:45
My best friend ever is in taji right now. I pray for him and all the others daily. I am so proud of all of them and thank them for having the courage to fight for all of us back home. lots of love!
11 Aug 2009, 13:55
I have a nephew who celebrated his 19th birthday over there in Iraq and will also be at Taji. I pray everyday for his and every soldiers safe return. Everyday you hear of soldiers being killed by those damn roadside bombs, to me thats just cowardness on the Iraq's. We are fighting ghosts! I just hate that part. Well thank you for letting me get that off my chest!
God Bless and be with you all!
06 Aug 2009, 17:31
I have a child who is due to be in Taji before too long. I am having a really hard time with this, but am soooo proud of this young soldier. I pray that all will be safe and ALL will return home ready to embrace peace and live a full life. This site has been helpful to me in many ways - reassuring, but also causes me great concern for my child's safety. God Bless everyone and keep your eyes out for the cookies! I know how to send them so they don't arrive like rocks!
Keep the faith and remember that back home, wherever that may be, you are loved, respected, missed, and a source of pride to all Americans - not just those who love you so much.
a friend
06 Aug 2009, 00:41
I have a friend who is there as a civilion. He is with doing part of his rediency program in pysical therepy. If anyone knows what rules there are in sending him stuff and how to contact non-military personal I would appriciate the info thanks
22 Jul 2009, 16:55
My husband is currently over there and I just want him to know how much he is loved and missed! "It is so much harder than I ever imagined to be without you, but we will be fine. Please be safe and we, Alex and I, cannot wait until you are back home with us!" Carli, wife of Sgt. Derek A. Byers
Clifford Baker
22 Jul 2009, 08:21
My daughter was sent over on Fathers Day 09. What a gift! I pray for her and all service people everyday. To help me remember to pray I got a braclet with her name & rank from WWW.OPMBRACE.ORG. You can get one for you or someone else. Military people can put their names in and a braclet will be made so when a person request one it will be sent and that person will pray daily for them! Please encourage them to add their names. Thanks, Dad of PFC M.M.Baker
10 Jul 2009, 09:50
Im a Army Wife and my husband left for Iraq in Apr-29-2009.I pray for their return in 2010. love ur wife SPC.Ortiz
07 Jul 2009, 17:48
I'm here in Taji right now. and "G", youre right, it is really fn boring here! But i like it that way. people are safer that way.

we had 3 mortar since ive been here and i was one of the lucky ones to be right under it when the one blew up. luckily it blew up b4 it ever hit the ground and all it did was made my ears ring!

Thank you to all the familiies/friends and loved ones for your support. We love it. Every time.

Also be wary of what you say here. Its been said alot here already but just another reminder. Bad guys are smarter than most people think...

Be safe!

04 Jul 2009, 13:51
my son deployed from ft hood in may...pray for him and all that they are all safe at home soon...
27 Jun 2009, 04:16
I was in Taji back in Jan 04-Jan 05 and here I am again. First time with 1-25th AVN 25ID Schofield Barracks, HI and this time with 115th BSB 1CD, Ft. Hood, TX.
12 Jun 2009, 09:08
I was in Taji from Apr 04 to Feb 05. The place changed a lot in that year and in those days it was only a year. There used to be a website for sending packages to the troops that gave TMI. It was possible to figure out what units were where. Don't list specific units in these posts, particularly units coming up from Kuwait. That is a long road and besides, if its anything like OIF II, the bad guys like to test out new units. We were tested in a big way 2 weeks after arrival with two salvos of rockets. Keep OPSEC.
intel SSG (ret)
07 Jun 2009, 00:27
This is for Chyna (20 Apr 2009): you've probably already received an answer to your query about free boxes, but if not, then I hope this helps. Just go to, click on the Products link. You should have no trouble finding what you're looking for. You can order the usps flat rate boxes for APO/FPO shipping from there. NO COST TO YOU! you don't need a credit card, etc. They don't even charge you shipping and the boxes are delivered right to your door. You can also order the clear envelopes required for customs documents (also free).
31 May 2009, 12:36
im here in taji this place is boring there is nothing to do except spend money ive been here for almost 7 months and we had incoming maby twice or so i personaly would like to see a little more action but i cant complain i guess
Charles J. Norris
25 May 2009, 12:44
Email me new comments page. Thanks.
17 May 2009, 22:53
Lynn Roberts
13 May 2009, 07:11
New member
12 May 2009, 07:39
thank you craig and bonia1!!! there are a bunch of idiots on here writing stupid stuff like movements and dates that puts our troops (their families) and contractors in danger! they think the enemy dont have internet, well they do people! and then they want to pray for them. contradictory! all you people who think we shouldnt be there, remember 9-11! if we dont supress it now, they will bring it to us. i have been there and seen what its like and we need to crack down even harder to stop it now! but all the bleeding hearts here will not let that happen! its sad when they saw our heads off on tv but we put our troops in prison for taking a few nude pics of the enemy for humiliation! thanks liberals!
12 May 2009, 06:06
They will not listen.
There is a locked forum on this site, just for this topic. They would rather just pop off.
11 May 2009, 17:52
Please stop giving troop movement info on these sites. We understand you love your families but loved ones aren't the only ones that can read.
samantha blizzard
11 May 2009, 17:17
hey all!! i see their is alot of people with family members that deployed out of fort hood,tx well my husband just deployed a couple weeks back and has been in kuwait and is also very frustrated with the way things are going! he said really their is no point in them being their! my husband was supposed to be going to talill and now it has changed again!! now they are saying taji but u never know its frustrating cause im pregnant with our seconed child and due in august i think its time we bring our troops home!! and let that country take care of theirselfs!! to many lifes have been lost already! its really sad! and i pray for all the troops and their familys!!
11 May 2009, 14:56
my fiance is in taji and has been for a while. and i miss him so damn much. i cant wait for him to come home. i cant i love you baby. and god bless our all troops and come home safe and sound to all of us
11 May 2009, 14:01
operational security please. full names and future dates of deployments are not smart! i was the contractor hit by "shrapnel" but "not injured" at the px on aug.15 2007, it was a piece of wood from a pallet destroyed by the blast.the blast ruptured my ear drum. i drove a supply truck over there for 13months. and its not as bad as the media makes it out to be. yeah the occasional mortar, rocket, ied etc. but the news takes it to a whole new level.
11 May 2009, 13:19
My fiance is also in Kuwait waiting to leave for Taji:-( he will be headed there in the next week he thinks? I wish him the best and all other soldiers. God bless you all, you are all so strong! Thanks to everyone who supports the Troops!
11 May 2009, 08:11
Ken and Wendy - My son also was deployed from Fort Hood a couple of weeks ago and is currently in Kawait. I spoke to him yesterday and he said that they were moving to Taji today. This is his 3rd deployment to the middle east. I wonder if our boys know eack other?
11 May 2009, 07:33
My son also deployed from Fort Hood about 2 weeks ago. He is in Kuwait waiting to go to Iraq.I pray for the safety of all the troops.
07 May 2009, 07:51
Cool site. I will be joining the forum. My son deployed from Ft Hood a couple weeks ago and is in Kuwait waiting to move up to Taji.
04 May 2009, 10:13
Since they are pulling troops out...does that mean my fiance may come home early from deployment? He is currently on his 2nd deployment in Iraq til Jan 2010.

Just Curious....
Donna B in AR
02 May 2009, 18:23
My son arrived at Taji in April. I'm glad to find this forum so I can learn more about the area. He is there to help the Iraqi soldiers train to be a Flight Engineer. Maybe you all here can help me stay calm and not worry so much. My son has been in the USAF since 1994 but I still worry about him.
20 Apr 2009, 21:12
Please send me the link to join my father is stationed at camp Taji. Also if anyone has the number to call for free boxes to send care packages to a soliders I would love it if you could let me know.

Thank you and I hope all of our soliders come home safe!!!
15 Apr 2009, 09:53
I hope everything is quiet in Taji. Can't wait until I see you Tonia. You are an incredible mom/soldier/person. I'm so proud of you.
10 Apr 2009, 00:05
and jantzen, if you should happen to read this.... i just want you to know that i am so proud of you, and so is our daughter. we miss and love you so much!!!
10 Apr 2009, 00:02
hello to everyone. my fiance has been over there since january. SKYPE is our only communication. i highly recomend it for anyone in my situation.its free but if you want to make a call to a landline phone i believe its only $12 a month. not bad at all.

I give my love and support to all of the soldiers and there families. god bless
09 Apr 2009, 13:44
My son in at Camp Taji has been since Oct 2008. If you are able to use Skype I HIGHLY recommend it!!! I am able to talk and see my son almost daily!!!! I miss him VERY much but this makes it almost bearable!!!
07 Apr 2009, 12:17
Hello from Taji, Everything has been quiet here and uneventful. I hope it stays that way until i get back to Pa. Thanks to everyone for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

05 Apr 2009, 18:52
God bless you Mustafa; I know everyone will be glad when this is all over. God bless and watch over all of the Soldiers.
L long
03 Apr 2009, 08:21
I am looking for an old friend that is currently in the 56th Stryker Bgd. His name is Roger Daub from Palmyra PA. Does anyone know how to contact him? I believe he is overseas now.
Ben Hayward
03 Apr 2009, 04:47
I was at Camp Taji from October 2003 to May 2004. I was the electrical designer of the distribution grids that supply the different areas. We were at Tommahawk Village next to the tank graveyard. I would like to join the forum and catch up to see how our work improved the living conditions there. I have some old pictures of the buildings before any improvements if anyone is interested.

Ben Hayward
03 Apr 2009, 00:34
hey guys ,, my name is mustafa , you can call me MAX ,, i'm an Iraqi who is working as an interpreter in camp Taji with the troops.. i've been working since 2004 till now .. i'de shared good times and bad times , with soldiers.. I made brothers not friends with the soldiers and ive lost many brothers of mine in the batllefield infront of me .. i wish all the soldiers will be safe and back to thier lovely famillies soon in 1 peace.
Ken B
21 Mar 2009, 10:28
Everyone, I'm with the admin on this one please join the forum. We have to be careful with what we discuss on the public side our loved ones depend on it! I have joined and I have questions on shipping things to them that I know some of you can answer. Ken
20 Mar 2009, 00:03
My bf got moved again...I feel so bad for him bc he's getting pretty aggravated with all the moving he's had to do. He feels like they dont know what to do with them anymore...I wish I knew how to make him feel better...I try
17 Mar 2009, 08:57
The forum is at the top right of this page. Anyone can join.

17 Mar 2009, 07:30
I would also like to get updates on comments. So proud of our soilders and pray for them atleast three times a day
17 Mar 2009, 07:29
I have a friend here to and worry about our soilders. Can I join?
16 Mar 2009, 01:25
Have a dear friend in Taji. I've been sending him cookies twice a week since we got his address. I feel pretty helpless. He emails when he can. But I'm still nervous... Can I join?
12 Mar 2009, 15:15
My boyfriend just arrived in Taji. He was stationed in Ft. Hood in Kileen, Tx and on his 2nd deployment. 2nd Plt B co 1-5 Cav unit#6065

Spc Luna, Carlos

I would love to join your forum!

08 Mar 2009, 08:06
Please visit our forum for discussions. You will find the link at the top right side of this page.
"Support Group"
Ken B
08 Mar 2009, 07:05
Mika, my son's name is James. Were you in El Paso for the deployment? We flew down and drove my son's vehicle back. Spent a bunch of money taking kids to supper who didn't have family there.
07 Mar 2009, 11:54
I would like to join your son is in baghdad right now but is on his way to Taji
Deb worried mom
07 Mar 2009, 08:30
my son case is at taji i'm proud but worry daily he is my baby and this is my 1st time haveing someone in erbice very new to all this would be great 03/09
03 Mar 2009, 09:12
Ken B, judging by the date I assume you mean the 591st MP company. My husband deployed with them as well. What's your sons name? Might know him.

You should know they're all doing well and, on last update, were headed from Kuwait to Taji on the 7th.
Ken B
28 Feb 2009, 11:51
My son's MP unit just deployed from Fort Bliss. He will be there in a few days. I pray for the safety of all these warriors. Glad to find this group. Ken
27 Feb 2009, 21:21

Where you guys from? Have ya heard from him at all?
Anita M.
27 Feb 2009, 21:16
I want to join the forum. My husband is deployed with the 56th.
27 Feb 2009, 13:58
@ Odra. Hi, my bf was deployed from Ft. Hood as well. It's his second tour but the first since we've been together. He's in Camp Taji for now also.
Ginger MacCutcheon
26 Feb 2009, 14:24
Thanks for keeping us posted!
26 Feb 2009, 11:01
My two brothers are in the 56th Stryker Brigade. I am probably the proudest lil' sister ever!! I am counting down the days until they are home. I will be praying for all of them over there.
26 Feb 2009, 09:00
hello good people,
my sister is in taji too. and like many of your family members, she's in the 56th stryker brigade. let's all send up a collective prayer for all our troops...may the Almighty bless and safekeep our service members and the families who love them...
Scout Dad
25 Feb 2009, 15:07
I am interested in joining the forum. Please send me link info. God bless all of them. Keep praying....
Scout Dad
25 Feb 2009, 14:08
Hello everyone, I'm so glad I found this site. My boyfriend recently got deployed from Ford Hood, TX. This is his first tour and I'm not sure where he will be stationed at, but for now he is in Taji. Reading everyone's comments of their loved ones in Taji gives me somewhat of an idea of where he is and knowing what is going on. I'm definitely interesting in knowing more and finding some kind of support group. If anyone can help It will be greatly appreciated.

24 Feb 2009, 15:03
Hi Craig - can you please send me the link to the forum... I am interested in joining.

Thank you!
23 Feb 2009, 19:51
Where is Mushada in relation to Taji??
23 Feb 2009, 16:44
Sara, my husband is also with the 56th Stryker Brigade. Maybe they know each other!
Steve Lang
21 Feb 2009, 12:09
My son Dan is a 1LT in the 1-111th at Taji
21 Feb 2009, 02:12
For those of you who have spouses in Taji right now, i'll say this-it is very very quiet here-an im sure your loved ones are just fine.
19 Feb 2009, 11:47
I am a wife of a soldier that was attached to the 56th stryker brigade via 656 Signal Company. This is our first deployment and have been having a hard time. Would love to join support group or maybe talk to someone who has someone maybe in the same group as my husband.
19 Feb 2009, 09:50
I have a husband on his 3rd tour in Iraq. He is currently @ Camp Taji. People say that things aren't as bad in Iraq these days, but they haven't heard the mortars that I hear coming through the phone when we are talking. The media should know that we family members are not stupid and that some of the news channels seem to forgotten that one lost is like thousands.
18 Feb 2009, 08:45
Dear friends please make sure you follow strict OPSEC Rules. I see a lot of units listed with their locations and to me this is a violation. This can endanger our men and women.
14 Feb 2009, 13:14
I keep my sanity by staying really busy and keeping my eye on the prize. My soldier is a fantastic soldier and knowing that helps too. I just keep thinking about homecoming. I unfortunately live a good distance from the FRG. He hasn't even been gone that long but I miss him so much! We got married in March and he has been off at training of one sort or another through December except for a couple weeks in Sept. I know they have to be crazy busy. He hasn't sent an e-mail or anything in a week. I'm not sure where he is exactly and I hope soon he'll have an address I can ship to. Meanwhile lets keep our chins up. I'd love to talk to you gals. My guy is/was with 2-104 but might be the 1-111 now. Not sure til I talk to him again. I would love to talk to any of you and Edna ..the pennies made me chuckle and cry a little too! GOD is very patient!!!
11 Feb 2009, 08:50
Thank so much to Tom! I was able to track down what I need so I can send the package of items the students collected!
11 Feb 2009, 08:26
Karen - maybe you could contact the school? They might be able to get in touch with a family member who has that info or someone there might know it themselves.
11 Feb 2009, 07:11
Thanks, Tom. But, he is my son's teacher, so I have no info outside of his unit and that they were deployed to Iraq. Is there any way I can find additional information?
11 Feb 2009, 07:10
You can contact your son's unit, at the home base, and they can give you the APO to send the items to.
11 Feb 2009, 06:50
Hi! I am a mom of 2 boys who's teacher was deployed with the 56th stryker and have collected a number of items to send him, but I need the APO. Can anyone help me with that?
Amanda Gongloff
10 Feb 2009, 10:26
Hello everyone, I am new to this just did a search on Camp Taji and found this site. My husband is also currently in Iraq at Camp Taji with he 656 Signal Company. This is our first deployment together and his first one also, so I am trying to do my research without getting to in depth (I dont want to know the bad stuff). Thanks. God Bless and let them come home soon and safe.
Heather Bloom
09 Feb 2009, 13:37
i cant log into the support group. Does anyone know how to do that? I have already given my name and password and it will still not work. If someone can help me that whould be great.

My husband is deployed to Taji, Iraq right now with the 656 signal company.
08 Feb 2009, 05:22
Please send me the link to the forum
07 Feb 2009, 18:53
My Son has reciently arrived in Taji with 1/108th 56 Stryker He is one of the Medics.... I haven't spoken directly to him yet although he's spoken to his sister who was in Rhmadi in 04-05.....

I'm just outside Elizabethtown, hang in there, we'll get through this!

07 Feb 2009, 08:39
Hello, nice to meet everyone! My husband is deployed with the 56th Stryker brigade, I would love to join your forum. Thanks and best wishes!
04 Feb 2009, 07:31
I wanted to find out how to join.
01 Feb 2009, 09:18
I would like to join the forum
01 Feb 2009, 07:48

Please send me the link to the forum.

Thank you,
31 Jan 2009, 23:21
NERVOUS FIANCE: i sent you a private message on the forum, if u have trouble getting to your "inbox" to read it, im sure craig or someone can help u find how to get there. comment here if u have any issues. stefanie
31 Jan 2009, 23:15
hey ill send u a message on it
Nervous Fiance
31 Jan 2009, 20:40
stefanie I join the forum. my name on there is descna. im not sure how to use everything though.
31 Jan 2009, 16:43

Please send me the link for the forum. Thank you.
31 Jan 2009, 14:27
NERVOUS FIANCE : hey i dont have windows live messenger but i got aol im and yahoo. join the forum, and then write me on here so i know your joined. we can trade info there. stefanie
31 Jan 2009, 13:51

I would love to join the forum...thank you so much!
31 Jan 2009, 12:15
MrsHAA71004 - please join the forum. :) It would be great to have you. My husband might know your son. (Click "support group" at the top of the page)
31 Jan 2009, 11:40
I think you need to contact Miranda.Since you aren't post email so go to my web and you can eamil me then I can ghive you her information. Hang in
31 Jan 2009, 11:20
Hi,I'm new at this.Can someone help me. My son SPC Bryan is with HHC 56th SBCT, He called me on Fri night our time 7:00 to let me know he is there.I keep asking what he needs he said he will be ok. This is my only child. I am looking for a FRG group.I'm from Elizabethtown, Pa.I have put yellow ribbons in our town to remember our troops. I pray for all our soldiers and come home safe.
31 Jan 2009, 10:24
Hello everyone

Caiig could you please send me the link so i can talk to everyone on the site, My son also deployed with the 2/ 104 cav and it would be nice to have someone to chat with. I am disable and my son supports me and under the army guild lines I am not considered a dependent. So I Truely understand what all the wifes are going though. My son is my world and the day he left and many since I fell like my world is crashing down. And it is really hard for me when my sons calls to talk to and and not let him know how I am feeling so he can do what he needs to do and not worry about how things are here. And if any one ever just needs to talk any time day or night call me I do not sleep very much.
Admin at Blackanthem
31 Jan 2009, 09:02
Please move all conversations to the Support Group.
You can find the Support Group at the top right hand side of this site in the navigation area.

Any comments that contain e-mail, phone#'s or other forms of contact information will be removed.

Thank you.

Nervous Fiance
31 Jan 2009, 08:45
To stefanie do you have windows live messanger?
Nervous Fiance
31 Jan 2009, 08:33
Yes he has a computer he said he isnt able to get on it right now. i actually just got a call from him. He hasnt given me an address yet he said he wants to make sure its the right one for where he is going to be. I have already gotten him a valentines present that i think will make him laugh!
31 Jan 2009, 07:54
Please scroll down this page until you get to Craig the admistrator of this page He will tell you what to do to get to the forum. Good luck and Believe in your fiance and the training and abilities he has been given. these women on this site will help you also. It is always nice to know you are not the only one with a deployed love one. God will and is Blessing all of them and their families. Stay busy I know it is hard My only Son/child is ove there. This is his 4th time and every time it is hard but I have to trust him.
Nervouse Fiancee
31 Jan 2009, 03:49
Hi, I thought I would touch base with you about your boyfriend. My 2 sons are also in the 56th stryker brigade and they left from Fort Indian Town Gap in the middle of the month also.
First I am sure that he is fine. Does he have a computer? Some of the men were having trouble with that and also it is really hard to get to a phone. They have been doing extra training and have been really busy adjusting to everything. (Let alone the time difference!) If he works with the strykers, I know that they have been really busy with them. I am sure he is fine and you will hear from him as soon as he is able. Make sure you get an address from him to mail him packages.
May God Bless you and give you patience. (You need them with the Army) LOL
Nervous Fiance
30 Jan 2009, 21:31
Iam new to all this. I was searching the internet and found this. My Fiance is in the 856 engineer company 56th stryker brigade and i last saw him when i got to spend the day with him in fort indian town gap. he left around the middle of the month couldnt tell me where he was going he just spent a week or two in kuwait and i have no clue where he is now but he is headed to taji. this is his first deployment and Me and his family are all extremely nervous! Can I join the forum?
30 Jan 2009, 13:48

Please send me the link to the forum.

30 Jan 2009, 08:14
Id like the link to the forum please craig :)

30 Jan 2009, 07:52
Hi Becky,

It's great to chat with moms that are in the same situation. I am so out of the loop in Cleveland. I am however rooting on Pittsburgh, my son is a fan, although my family is well you know, not Pittsburgh Fans.

I would like to get to this other thread with everyone. Not sure how. Someone help me out.

I can't imagine having both my sons overseas, God Bless You! It's hard enough having just one. I'm hoping that we can all help each other out for the next 8 months.

shelly bailes
30 Jan 2009, 06:42
Hi to get a link just put a request on here and Craig will send you one. Hope to see you there soon

29 Jan 2009, 19:01
My husband is also on his way to Taji. How do I get to the forum?

29 Jan 2009, 16:28
Thank You so much. This site is a god send . Please help me get to the new forum
Not sure about the validate contact info means Thanks I'm not sure of what I am doing.
29 Jan 2009, 15:11
this site is a wonderful find. makes me feel alot less alone while hubby is gone. thanks guys
29 Jan 2009, 12:03
Hello everyone. I am with an FRG 1/108-56th. We have soldiers at Taji and some awaiting in Kuwait. Let me know if you find a site, aside from this, that I can share with my families. Take care, God Bless.
29 Jan 2009, 10:19
That makes two of us! I managed to registar, it would nice if there was better directions on how to use the fourm
29 Jan 2009, 10:00
Craig I am a computor dummy and can't figure out how to use the othher site.
shelly bailes
29 Jan 2009, 09:47
Thank You so much. This site is a god send . Please help me get to the new forum
Admin at Blackanthem
29 Jan 2009, 09:25
From what I can see, there is nothing in this thread that jeopardizes operational security. Once I feel that everyone has moved to the forum, I will clean up this thread.
The people that have been visiting here and leaving comments deserve a better meeting place than this thread, and that was the primary reason I created the forum. We have had some people already join, and there has been a nice introduction thread created for everyone to say hello to one another.

I ask everyone that has been leaving comments here to join the forum.
Just leave a comment on this page asking to join and include your e-mail in the area provided. I will send you the link to the forum.

Thank you,

29 Jan 2009, 08:35
Craig maybe if there's anyway possable you should delete what was written if it's not already too late.I highly recommend trying to do it.
Admin at Blackanthem
29 Jan 2009, 07:28
The forum is set up better for exchanging e-mails and talking in a more open environment. Caution on giving away anything that could put our troops at risk, is always advised. However, the forum will allow better moderation and you will be able to talk to each other as well as share pictures and e-mails.
I recommend that we move these conversations to the forum, and away from this public comment section.
You will find the registration link at the top of the forum. From there it is a very easy straight forward registration process. You will just need to remember your login and password to re enter the forum.
If you need any help, feel free to contact me.

29 Jan 2009, 07:14
Thanks Craig
for making a secure place for us to communicate to each other, I'm a little new to message boards and forums, a matter of fact this site is the first time i've ever used one of these. I hope more people will sign up, is it allright to use this forum to communicate about when and where our loved one's are?
29 Jan 2009, 06:36
Congrats Crystal! Thats awsome. My sone is in the 856 Stryker too. He was attached to this unit. We are from Johnstown. He left Indiantown Gap around Jan 21st.

Admin at Blackanthem
28 Jan 2009, 19:43
We have created a private forum for anyone that is interested.
Advantage will be that you will be able to talk in a more private secure environment than this board.
If you are interested in becoming a member of this forum please contact us.
I will send you a link to the forum with instructions on how to join.

Mary Parkin
28 Jan 2009, 17:21
I am new to this site. My friend Shelly Bailes told me about it. I am glad that she did. We have something in common, this is the first time we have ever had to deal with a son going off to war. My son Andrew is in the 1/112th out of Cambridge Springs. Andrew left on January 18th at 8:00 pm for Kuwait. I am extremely proud of my son, but worry every day about him being over there.
28 Jan 2009, 15:36
welcome Crystal,

and congradulations to you and your fiancee. before you know it you'll be a momma and your loved ones will be back home.
28 Jan 2009, 13:35
Jason is right and my son confirmed that to me a few days ago and I have not been on since I have been enjoying the visit from my granddaughter and daughter in-law. They sustain me during this time and the fact that my son said he is ok and well trained. They should have a training for the families too lol. If we just continue to believe in our love ones abilities and the power of Prayer we will be ok.
Have a great day. God Bless our troops and their families.
28 Jan 2009, 13:13
Thank you Shelly - it is a way to keep him close - but only adds just a little more emotion than I need sometimes - but it is all good. They are with the 856th Stryker Unit
shelly bailes
28 Jan 2009, 13:04
Hi Crystal,

Conagrats on the baby! How wonderful a a great wat to keep his daddy near you at all times. What unit are they with? My son is with the 2/104 A Troop. He left Ft. Dix on the 23rd.
28 Jan 2009, 12:14
I just found this site. Wow - it is nice to read that there are so many others going through the emotions. My brother and my fiancee just left Fort Dix on the 14th for Kuwait. That very day - I found out I was pregnant. So if that don't make emotions go even more. They just got to Iraq and I can't wait till they come back home. My thoughts and prayers are with every soldier and his/her families.

God bless
Mary Ann
28 Jan 2009, 11:05
Hi Everyone,
My son is with the 109th out of Carbondale, PA. He will be working with your sons, husbands, etc. This is his 2nd deployment. He seems very positive about the impact their presence has made over there. He has started writing a blog for our local paper. If you get a chance read it. He's putting a human face on them, what they are doing, and the Iraqi people.
Good luck and God's speed to all of them!
28 Jan 2009, 09:22
We did not have any problems with the phones. Just the delay in talking and listening. They sounded good, but I am sure they wanted to sound good as not to worry us. This is the first time that we have talked to them since they went to Kuwait. I am guessing that we will not hear from them for awhile.
God Bless you
28 Jan 2009, 09:20
This is my first time on this website and I think it is great. My son is also with the 56 Stryker Brigade but with the Signal Company out of Blairsville, PA. Thanks for the idea with knee high panty hose. My son did relay this story. Last week the guys were on a bus going out to the range for target practice. The bus passed a herd of camels with a camel herder. My son said there were about 15 camels and some could look right into the windows of the bus. Some of the guys had cameras. Faith will bring us all through this.
28 Jan 2009, 08:43
are the boys having problems with the phones. My husband says his are making some loud noise that he can't hear.
28 Jan 2009, 08:36
Hi Cindy,
My sons are in the 1/112th -56th and still in Kuwait. Long waits at the phones and for free internet. Very busy, extra training and getting machinery ready to go. I talked to both of my sons this morning (daddy's birthday!!) so they made a major effort to talk to us for about 1 minute.
They are all good and doing well. Adjusting to environment my sons says.
Kim, We were not able to go to Fort Dix, w had to day our goodbyes in aat Fort Indian town Gap. We had a good weekend with the boys. I miss them so much.
May God bless all of you and our troops.
27 Jan 2009, 21:49
Hello everyone. This is Debbie's daughter in law, Stephanie :) Hopefully this site can bring me some peace during this deployment. It's nice to know that we have our own little support system. I haven't been able to find out anything about our support group here in Johnstown, I don't know if they are doing anything at all, seeing that only a few soldiers from here have deployed.
God Bless all of you, and I will keep all of your loved ones in my prayers. I hope we can all find strength in knowing that we have this network and having faith that our soldiers are the best!
shelly bailes
27 Jan 2009, 13:05
Thank you so much for the warning. I would never want to do anything to put our soldiers in any more danger.

thank you, for the response. enjoy your son and god bless
27 Jan 2009, 12:14
to jason
Your right, The last thing I would ever want to do is put any of our soldiers in harms way. Thank you for imforming us.

Hello shelly B

Just try to always have a positive outlook. I pesonally tried not to watch the News, allthough things have gotten better there.
Taji is one of the better places to be, It's come a long way. Thanks to all who made it better! If you google " pictures of Camp Taji" you can get a look yourself of what it's like, I will keep your son and all our loved one's in my prayers.
27 Jan 2009, 12:12
Jason this may be a stupid ? but what is Osepc?
Just to let anyone know in56th brigade that my husband called an hour ago and they are still in Kuwait if that helps.

Worried Mom 2 read through the comment that Kim told Becky it was so on the money.
Take care!
27 Jan 2009, 11:45
My son is also in the 1/112th and I haven't heard from him in about a week.

Not sure if he is still in Kuwait.

It's very hard since we live outside of Cleveland and not in the area where all the moms and support are.

God Speed to all of sons and husbands!

There's not a day that goes by that I don't shed a tear.

27 Jan 2009, 11:43
Just wanted to let you all know that OPSEC is still very important and if you keep posting comments online on exact dates it makes it real easy for the enemy to gather intelligence...if they know the dates when troops a are comming they will there will be a short gap in security because of the transition.
shelly bailes
27 Jan 2009, 11:35
Worried Mom 2,
hi, this site is really a god send. it is so nice to talk to others going through the same things. Thank you for the info. How long was your son in Kuwait? mine just arrived Saturday. He was originally with the 1/112 Bravo c ompany out of cambridge springs but has been reassigned to the 1/104 A Troop out of Hazleton. Keep smiling and praying!!!

How exciting for oyur son to be comming home soon. God Bless him tell us honestly is it as bad as we are assumming in our heads? What did your son have to say about Taji. My head is swimming and i feel the need to soak up as much information as possible.
27 Jan 2009, 11:13
thank you for your responce, no they didn't extend his tour My son Dan has been there 15 months. they seem to be having problems with transportation he said maybee they would get out wed or thursday. I am just thankfull he will be coming home. May God bless all our military and thier loved ones.
worried mom #2
27 Jan 2009, 10:51
Hello everyone just came across this site and saw that some one was asking if anyone knew when the guys were leaving kuwait heading for Iraq. My son is with the 1/111 infanry 56 stryker unite out of West Chester Pa. When I was talking to him yesterday he said they were headed that way on thursday. Not sure if it is everyone or just a certain group.
Good luck and thank ou to all.
Keep on praying
shelly bailes
27 Jan 2009, 09:52
Thanks for clearing that up! My Son is normally with the 1/112 from cambridge springs. He really enjoys his new unit though. he says all the guys are great. It makes me happy to know David has bonded with them. I did check into vonage, I think i may give it a try. he hasn't found the internet yet which i know is probably killing him LOL. i will have to mention to him to check near starbucks.
Keep happy thoughts everyone and keep praying
27 Jan 2009, 09:25

My son is stationed in Honesdale, PA and trained in MS, LA and then went to Ft Dix NJ. My son is still in Kuwait awaiting to go to Taji. Did you son have a day leave on the 10th of Jan? We were in the auditorium that late afternoon and I thought I saw a woman with her two sons. May have been you. I visited him with my husband, my sons wife and my daughter. It was a rough day to say good-bye. But as my daughter-in-law keeps reminding me is that we should not be sad just emotional. Sad is for those who have lost loved ones that are not coming home. We all need to keep in great spirits that I loved ones will stay safe and come home.
27 Jan 2009, 09:15
I have a husband over there on his way to camp Taji as well. This will be is 2nd tour over. The first tour he had both of our Sons with him.. that was very hard for all at home.. but thank God everyone made it back safe! Just wanted to say Good luck & be safe to you all
27 Jan 2009, 08:01
OOPS! Sprint calling cards (international) are buy one get one free this week at CVS. Mike is 2/104th C trp out of Chambersburg/ Waynsboro.Where is he originally from? I know mike said guys were pulled to go along and became part of the troop there with. When they left for Mississippi there were 88 so when I did Operation Sunscreen (to raise sunscreen stes for his troop) Before they came home from Louisiana I had to quick get 20 more sets.Now there are 106 Soldiers with them. Does that help?I know my FRG isn't convenient either, but I have found a few people to connect too. I am in Carlisle for anyone who is near that.
shelly bailes
27 Jan 2009, 06:29
Hi Shelly,
What are print cards? sorry for being so duh but i am learning as i go. Your husband is with the 2/104 correct? so is my son he is with a troop. he was pulled there when he was in Mississippi. I don't know anyone from his new unit so that makes it really hard. The FRG meetings are 3 hours away from here but i hope to get to a few in the spring.
27 Jan 2009, 06:21
Hello everyone!
I heard it is AROUND Feb.4th. My husband does advance party and origially was to move on the 23rd and didn't so you just never know!

I did get my print cards and CVS activates them for you.

Thanks for the nylon tip. Going to get some before the first package goes.
Take care and keep praying!
shelly bailes
27 Jan 2009, 06:07
Becky & Kim,
how are you ladies this morning? I agree all we can dao is pray for our soldiers and have faith in them. that said i attend the FRG meetings in Butler( my sons unit is to far away) i fyou attend the meetings i would love to say hello in person. let me know.
shelly bailes
27 Jan 2009, 06:04
Thanks for the info. My daughter in law talked to my son this morning and he said everything is fine. He even sort of likes the dessert LOL. Good thing huh? I also know how you feel trying to keep a new daughter in law upbeat my son got married on Dec. 30. this whole thing stinks but I am so veery proud of him i could burst. What unit is your son with? mine is with 2/104 out of hazleton but his home unit is the 1/112 th from cambridge springs.
27 Jan 2009, 02:21
My 2 sons left on the 17th and they aare with the 56th National Guard Stryker Brigade. They are out of Butler, but left fromm Fort Dix at 8pm on the 17th. Maybe they are close together. Is your son in Kuwait waiting to go to Taji? He might now my sons. It seems like a lot of the men know who "the Brothers" are.
26 Jan 2009, 18:50
My son also left on Friday Jan 16 and was in Kuwait on Saturday Jan 17 and is with the National Guard Stryker Brigade 56th. This is his second tour. We heard from him yesterday and he says everything is fine. All we can do as parents, wifes, husbands, brothers and sisters is to pray for their safe return. I also have a niece in Taji getting ready to leave after 18 months.
26 Jan 2009, 17:59
Thanks Shelley that's nice to know I do have a cvs here. I also like the tip about the knee high nylons!!! My husband told me the same thing that he isnt allowed to say when he's moving out but he said he'll be there a while yet.When he left he said three weeks and its been one so far so my guess is he still has 2 more weeks.
26 Jan 2009, 17:15
shelly bailes
i talked to my son tonight, he was not aloud to say when they were heading to Taji. But he did say he wouldn't be able to call for a couple days when they finally do leave Kuwait. So i guess when I don't hear from him I can only guess that they are on their way. That is a good question you asked....I wish I knew.
26 Jan 2009, 17:09
I am so sorry that your son didn't get to come home. Did they extend his tour? I know the excitment of the thought of them coming home. I hope that he will be home soon. God bless you and your family.
I that is awsome that you heard from your sons. I can't imagine haveing 2 sons overseas at once. Thank you and god bless you.
What was that device called that you got from vontage?
Shelly Bailes
26 Jan 2009, 17:05
He Girls,
Well another closer to homecomming right? My son still hasn't called so the last communocation we had with him was a text to his wifr when he landed in Kuwait. This is really going to be a long 9 months. Does any one know when the 2/104th is headed to iraq?
26 Jan 2009, 16:25
Hi Girls,
I just wanted to let you know that I have heard from both of the boys. They said that the line for the phones are really long. They also said that they will call us in the next few days. I am taking that to mean that they will be crossing the border soon into Iraq.
I hope everyone has been in contact with your loved ones. My one son said the the sand in so fine, like dust and the wind is blowing all the time, I am sending him nylon knee hi's to keep his camera and other tec stuff in that could be harmed by the sand.
You working moms and single parents are in our prayers. It must be so hard on you, but you can do it. Patience is a virtue!!
shelly bailes
26 Jan 2009, 08:00
Hi Samantha,
no my son is with A troop. this is a first for us. i did contact vonage today if anyone is interested it sounds like a good deal.
26 Jan 2009, 06:05
Hi Samantha! I did send you an email so try doing mine through my websight. It has all my contact imfo. I am glad you heard from him. I did contact Jill with our FRG about having something so hopefully or we will have to try and get together.Can't wait to talk to ya!
Shelly bailes is your husband in C battery with ours?
26 Jan 2009, 05:16
Shelly, I got to talk to Jesse a ton this weekend. He finally got a calling card. He knows Mike too. He says Mike is a gentle man with a good heart. Sounds like you two are very much alike. I never recieved an email...(not sure if you got around to sending one or not). Jesse said that on certain days, there are street vendors that sell beads and scarfs. Im hoping he will pick up something neat and send it home when he gets a chance. He sounded really good but his arms hurt from going to the gym. Atleast they are keeping buisy. I need to find a hobbie LOL. That way it will take my mind off of the situation.
Shelly Bailes
25 Jan 2009, 18:34
Hi Everyone... My son landed in Kuwait yesterday he left from Ft. Dix with the Pa Nat. Guard 2/104th. I am sooo happy i stumbled onto this site. i can't wait to get a call from him.
25 Jan 2009, 16:24
My son was supposed to return home today. Unfortunatly they wer'nt able to, Big let down for me and his girlfriend. I just happend to stumble on this site. Wish I would have known about it before.
michele m.
25 Jan 2009, 13:02
my husband leaves on feb 2 from fort dix and is going to be stationed at camp taji. this will be his first tour with the army national guard but he did due three tours with the marines. but this will be his first time at camp taji.
25 Jan 2009, 11:29
I don't know if you all will have one near you, but CVS drugstore has Sprint International Calling cards buy one get one free.
25 Jan 2009, 09:19
Hi My husband did call me yesterday but I couldn't hear him.It was his phone.He said he'd call me later and never did.So now I know why he didn't call back.Thank you.I do feel bad for the wives who live so far from the frg group.I ran into that with some of the wives here.They would love to go but live an hour away.I wish there was something I could do.I still stay in touch with them I think that helps a little.Take care and hang in there
25 Jan 2009, 09:02
We do have a support grp, but I have not gone to meeting yet. I haven't figured out a way to let everyone know about the meetings yet, I never hear from them. Our last support was awsome. We got together for meetings to update us on what was going on with the guys, sent packages and had an amazing welcomeing outcome when they come home from Iraq. Now that my son is married, they don't send me anything anymore. My son didn't call at all yesterday, thank you Shelly for letting us know the phones were down. That helps alot to know what is going on, my mind wonders and it gets me down. I too love this website!!! By the way, my son is from Johnstown with the 856 Engineer Co, Stryker Unit. He was pulled from his own unit to fill in this unit. He has not told me what his job will be when he gets to Taji, which is prob best. He knows I worry alot. Stay positive and faithful girls, our soldiers are AWSOME!!!
25 Jan 2009, 06:23
To all that their husbands are in Kuwait, Mine called this morning and said there were problems yesterday with the computor and phones just in case yours couldn't get through either.

Joanne, Thanks for sharing, Its hard to know what to expect. I know for me my FRG isn't close buy so it feels like I am just out here on my own, but thats awesome yours is so close knit. I bet that is really helpful!
24 Jan 2009, 19:05
Debbie,My husband and I got married in October of 2007.So we've been married a little over a year.We didn't get to spend our first anniversary together cause he was training in Mississippi.When he was in ramadi he was in infantry.He raided houses.He still is this tour but he's in a stryker this time.Is your son having a hard time sleeping in Taji? My husband said when he was in Ramadi he had the same problem.I think it's the atmosphere they are in.They don't want to let their guard down.My husband is in Kuwait rite now and he's having that problem too.I'm sure they miss home too. TO ALL OF U LADIES:Do all of you have a family readiness group to go to.We have one here and they have activities and parties for the kids and we are in parades and have Christmas parties.On Valentines day all of the girls and I are going to eat since we cant be with our hubbies but we will have each other to help get thru that day.I also joined the Armed Forces Mothers Group.We pack boxes for the soldiers at Christmas time.I love it.It's the greatest reward ever to know we made the soldiers happy!!!You are all in my prayers.
24 Jan 2009, 14:03
Glad to see everyne connecting on this site. It does give a certain amount of comfort to know you aren't the only one going through this. your husbands are right One Day at a Time and stay busy. My grand daughter and I just had a great video call from my son. They talked for an hour at no cost. Windows Live Messenger and web cam. Awesome. Take care and God Bless all the troops and their families while they area apart from each other. Hope you can have the same joy I just had today with my son and granddaughter.
24 Jan 2009, 08:31
My husband is in Taji, SSG Jimenez from Texas. We miss him dearly and pray all our soldiers come home safe. This is our 1st deployment and it has been very emotional for all of us. Faith, prayers and strength keep us strong!!... Many blessing to all our soldiers and their families.
24 Jan 2009, 07:29
Wow! You ladies that have done this more than once are amazing. I hope i never have to do this again. I am glad that this time is easier for you and that the conditions for our guys is better. Thanks to all who share on here, it truly is helpful for us newbies.
24 Jan 2009, 07:21
Yes this one. At least it is more than just my one husband saying everything is fine. Mine has a tendency to say that even if it isn't and not tell me things till he is home safe. He did promise that he would do better this time at letting me know things, at least the things he is allowed to share.
24 Jan 2009, 07:17
Hi Tammy
Which websight? This one?
24 Jan 2009, 07:13
Hi Shelly! He is usually out of the Reading Armory. But they were at the Gap while Reading was being renovated before they left. The phone contact already seems so much better than his last deployment. That will make it a little easier. This website is great because with so many reports of them doing well, it gives you a sense of relief. They are all in my prayers!
24 Jan 2009, 06:15
Hi Tammy! Where is your husbands Armery. MIne is Waybnsboro/Chambersburg.
Mike even called at 6 am his time. He said it is a 24 hour busy place.Maybe they are together. I know he is with Samanthas husband!
23 Jan 2009, 21:31
I stumbled on this site but accident, trying to find out more about Taji, but am so glad I did. My husband is also in the 56th SBCT. He is the 2-104th. This is my husband's second deployment to Iraq and he says Taji is a lot better than where he was last time. He called this morning and sounded good, said things were going well so far.
23 Jan 2009, 17:12
I know how you feel. It does seem like they are gonna be gone forever. But your hubby is right, we need to take one day at a time. You need to keep busy to make time go by quickly. How long have you guys been married. That is awsome how you met. You were supporting our troops. My son got married on Dec 27th of 08, yep, right before they left. His wife shares your feelings. My husband and I are doing our best to keep her from feeling down. It helps them guys if we are not sad. Because then they feel helpless to make us feel better. We need to be as strong as we can, you can cry after you hang up the phone. My son told me that Taji is nowwhere near as bad as Ramadi was. What did your hubby do in Ramadi? My son used to guard the highways. I hated him doing that, every phone call was like christmas to me. The greatest gift. My son goes to the gym alot too. He is having a hard time sleeping. I love this site, I am so happy I found it. I am going to show it to my daughter in law. All you guys are in my prayers along with all of our brave soldiers.
23 Jan 2009, 06:22
Debbie this is my hubbies second tour also and he was in Ramadi the same year.That's when I met my hubbie.We met on MYSPACE and started writing as pen pals.When he came home he looked me up to thank me for supporting him.Well,then we started dating and got married.The last time I was just a friend and i worried when I didn't hear from him this time I love him and it has me all worked up about this whole thing.I know we have to think positive and I'm trying it just seems so far away till they come home.I can't seem to get past thinking about how long this road is going to be.My husband said try to go day to day cause that's helping him.He also told me that kuwait is like the city that never sleeps.LOL He said when he woke up there were guys playing basketball at 2:30 AM.So he said he went to the gym.We are getting such a good response on this site.This is so cool.You hang in there girls and my thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
22 Jan 2009, 17:28
He is with the 55th out of Scranton and is attached to the 56th stryker brigade. Vonage does have a fee it is 25 a. Month plus taxes.
22 Jan 2009, 17:16

Does the vonage have a monthly fee?

Where are you from? And what troop,is your husband in?
22 Jan 2009, 15:22
hi everyone, I think my husband may be with all of you also because he is from Pa and just left last week.. He is in Kuwait now. If anyone is interested I got him a vonage device that plugs into the computer and will have an area code like ours at home. He will be able to call home anytime with no long didtance charges ( so they tell me.) I am going to ship it to him Monday and I will let you know if it works. I am keeping everyone in my prayers.
22 Jan 2009, 10:41
My son is in Kuwait waiting to go to Taji. This is his second tour. He was in Ramadi in 2005. I never imagined that he would be over there again. He is my only child, he is 23. I truely beleive that all we can do is put this in God's hands, I learned that the first tour. It is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I still worry but I have faith.
22 Jan 2009, 07:42
Samantha I am sending you an email too! You are so welcome. If you need anthing else let me know!

Admin at Blackanthem
22 Jan 2009, 07:00
Are we aloud to exchange emails on here?
You can, but you will most likely start getting spam in your e-mail. Not from us, but from the spam bots that troll boards like this, looking for e-mail addys.
I recommend that you do something like this: craigatblackanthemcom
Rather than

22 Jan 2009, 06:32
Mike just called and they are together. and he did tell him.They have to go to the phone with a buddy so Mike went with someone.I'll try for the hug one!LOL! I am glad we connected since are guys are together. Let me know when he calls. Are we aloud to exchange emails on here?
22 Jan 2009, 05:55
O wow, that was really awesome of you to do that for me. I really appreciate it. Thank you. Hopefully they know each other which im sure they do. Id have you ask Mike to give Jesse a big hug for me but Im sure that the army might frown on that one ha ha ha.
22 Jan 2009, 05:45
I hope you don't mind but I told mike to ask the jesse in his unit if he was married to Samantha from Greencastle. and if so to try and call again that you wete sleeping. Mike was on some late thing so he called me after midnight their time. They had several speakers yesterday and he said the line for the free computor is sometimes 2 hour wait and that rthe phones can be just as bad so hang in there!
22 Jan 2009, 04:59
Shelly, his last name is Beeler and if he knows Jesse, please have Mike tell him that I love him very much and I will try really hard to wake up when he calls. LOL. That would be really neat if they know each other. I know them mostly by last name only too.
21 Jan 2009, 15:40
Samantha, Mike called today and wants to know Jesse's last name becuase he thinks they are together. They are Charlie troop.
21 Jan 2009, 14:43
My cousin Regina and her son-in-law are stationed in Taji. She Usually e-mails me aroung noon my time (TN) and that is 9 pm over there. I know she has a hard time communicating with her husband because he is a trucker.
21 Jan 2009, 12:05
this site is great im glad i found it, my husband left on the 17 at 2am, they stopped in germany he was psyched! he called and i missed it, but he called back the next day and i talked to him for like 30minutes, he is in kuwait now and is going to taji in 10-12 days, I talked to one of his SGTs today and he said its great there, its like 40 degrees there, but they do get lots of food big portions and right off the grill!! just remember that we call all get through this they are doing this for us. I am so proud of all the men and women serving our country keeping us free.
21 Jan 2009, 11:49
Thanks Becky! Not sure why he isn't tryng toget on a comutor yet. He did try to call I got a message on the machine. Its going to be a long 9 months!
21 Jan 2009, 11:39
So glad that I could help. I believe that they have the same in Taji, but we will see.
Yes, I have 4 children all together. My oldest son (Married) is going to be 30 in a couple of months and he is a PA STATE TROOPER. Then there is David (single)and Stephen (single)who are in the National guard. David is 28 years old and he is Police Officer in PA and Stephen, who is 24, was in Medical School getting ready to do his internship when he had to take a leave to go to the army. That really stunk for him. But he was getting straight A's and so he will be accepted back into the program as soon as he returns.
Amd then there is the Princess, she is 22 (married) and a legal secretary for a lawyer. She is having a really hard time with her protective brothers going away.
Everyone lives close by and we are a very close knit family. Sometimes I think that makes things harder. But I would not change it for the world.
Well I better get going. I feel like I am writing a book!!!
Talk to you all soon
21 Jan 2009, 09:19
Thanks Becky See that is what this site is all about support and sharing so others can get through these tough times. I just knew there was free internet there, because my son used it when he was in Kuwait. God Bless this site I think it will help so much for each of us. Just got off line with my son and the web cam is so great. We couldn't see him this time but he could see me. That helps alot. Saturday we are going to try it so his daughter can see him. Have a greaat day. God Bless you and yours. :-)very cold here but not as bad as last week. Loving thoughts and prayers from Wisconsin.
21 Jan 2009, 09:19
Thank you, Hopefully my husband finds it! I keep checking!
By the way, there are twins in Mike's troop. My heart feels for you. Do yu have other kids?
21 Jan 2009, 08:45
Free Internet in Kuwait... The building between the Subway and Starbucks!!! No cost my son says. Please let the guys know so they can communicate more frequently with you.
21 Jan 2009, 08:12
Thank you Edna!
Samantha. I am in Carlisle and if you were at the VFW for their lunch I was the one who did Operation Sunscreen with my Mary Kay and my kids and i were handing each soldier their set.
I've been told it gets easier so I am hoping.I try to schedule extra facials and hit the gym alot to keep busy. But during the time i know Mike is up I check my emails alot! None so far but he has called.I am not sure where Greencastle is, but I have heard of it.
21 Jan 2009, 07:45
Good morning ladies ;-). Samantha there are no coincedenses I do believe. I had such a time with time differences too. sorry you missed the call but he will call again, believe me and probably the same time of the night. I am grateful you all found this site as it seems you have a lot in common as far as your love ones being in the Infantry. My son is not in the Infantry. Joanne the web cam is so very cool I am not smart about this stuff but it is easy to use. Keep up the schooling cause that will help with the time passing. Thanks for your thoughts about my horse. Shelly it is never easy to put a animal down so my heart goes out to you even tho it was 5 yrs ago. The memories are there. Mike will find the free internet when he gets to Taji. I am surprized they have to pay where he is now. Becky you hang in there. I can't imagine having two son's over there at once. It is hard enough having one there. Well you all have a great day. See you soon on here.
21 Jan 2009, 07:29
Shelly, I live in greencastle. My husband's name is Jesse. He has always been my best friend and this is deffinitaly a transition that I wasnt prepared for.
21 Jan 2009, 07:12
Hi Samantha! Whats your husbands name? Do you live near Waynsboro?

Edna, I used to have horses and I remember the day so vividly. I had to put him down on New years Day. I think its been 5 years.

Joanne I am glad you heard from him. I am planning on using webcam too. Hopefully when he gets to Taji since Kuwait seems different.
I am so thankful to have this sight with all you ladies. It makes me feel less alone!
21 Jan 2009, 06:56
This is kinda crazy that everyone seemed to find this site. My husband is in c2-104 cav too. I feel aweful because he called me this morning at aroung 2:30am and I slept right through!! I miss him so very much. Im going to have to get a phone with a louder ringer so that I dont sleep through his calls.
infantry wife
20 Jan 2009, 16:07
Hi girls,Well I got to talk to Todd!!! He got to Kuwait safely.He did sound very tired.No I am not from the Gap I am from Bellwood,Pa.My husband worked at the Gap at PTAE.My hubbie got me a web cam for Christmas for us to keep in touch.I just hope I remember how to use it. LOL Once he gets settled in I'm anxious to try it.By the way my name is Joanne.I will use my name for now on.I honestly didn't think I'd be talking to anyone so I just used a screen name. Edna I'm sorry to hear about your horse.I love animals.As a matter of fact I'm taking an online course to become a vet assisstant. That's one thing that would be hard to give your son that news. Todd told me that I am not to keep anything from him but I guess i will deal with that if the time comes and use my judgement on that.Take care
20 Jan 2009, 14:23
Hi Becky!
Mike's last name is Ferry. He will be in Kuwait a couple more days before he leaves in advance party to Taji. He didn't find the free use of computors yet. He said something about $5 an hour.But he did call yesterday!I think Infantry wife's husband is in your boys unit.mike is 2nd-104th.They are out of Chambersburg/Waynsboro
20 Jan 2009, 12:15
The boys are in the 112th. My youngest son, Stephen, has e-mailed me everyday. He said that they have access to free internet. I have not heard from my other son, David, for a couple of days, but he said that they are really busy. They sound so much better than they did the first night that they arrived. I told my sons about your husband, but did not have a last name. David and Stephen are out of Butler Pa. Alot of people know who they are because they are brothers.
Take care and know that you and your family are in out thoughts and prayers.
19 Jan 2009, 18:53
I was told by my Son Wade that Taji is a huge place and they have communication rooms for the troops. Calling cards and use of the internet. Ice Cream 24 hrs a day lol.If you have any kind of messenger your love one will be able to contact you when they are settled in. Wade was able to contact me on his way up north from Camp Bucca. I have yahoo and Windows live messenger. He called yesterday and was able to talk to my Granddaughter for a long time.That made things all good. Wade's wife and my 5 yr old came for a visit. I took alot of pictures and sent them via email.Which helps alot but they will be leaving in a week. I cherish the time I have with them. Wade was also able to go to chapel and read stories to Kelsie on DVD's once in a while that helps Kelsie having her daddy away. She tells people daddy's job is saving people. It was very hard for him as it is for your husband to leave us.this is his 4th deployment. It isn't any easier the 4th deployment than the 1st we will always worry but we must go on for them. Wade is up beat when he hears good news, however when I had to tell him our horse died (had her for 22 yrs) He comforted me. Go figure I was worried aboutt elling him as she brought us through many hard times.God Bless and keep you all healthy and safe until their return.
19 Jan 2009, 18:29
Infantry wife,
Mike has called with a calling card and they are doing really good. The base is better then anywhere they have been,hang in there he will call soon. The time difference is really hard with them ahead 8 hours, your not alone though I have 4 kids with workong too. Night after they go to bed are my worse, and I'm going to try what we use in Mary Kay reading possitive affirmation or a daily devotion.Are you from the Gap area. I am in carlisle but not Mikes unit.Take care.

You to Edna!O love your thoughts!
19 Jan 2009, 17:08
When I first wrote a message today I didn't expect to get a response.I feel so lucky for finding this site.I was just trying to find out a little bit about where my husband is going.And came acrossed this.I am so sorry you have to go through this worrying and loneliness.Just know there are people like us who care and know what you are goin through so you won't be alone.I will be here for you girls and by the looks of things you will be here for me too.Thank you!!!!
19 Jan 2009, 16:55
To shelly and Becky,
My husband was at the Gap also.He actually left for Kuwait today which I'm having the hardest time dealing with.He thinks he will be there for about 3 weeks then he will go to Taji.He is from A co 2-112 infantry division he is with the Strykers.Which is the Everette Armory,Pa.Thanks for your advice Shelly once I get out of this slump i'm in I will keep the exercising in mind.I go back to work tomorrow so I kind of have to get in a groove I guess.Plus I have 3 kids that will help keep me going.Todd did tell me that Taji isn't a bad area I hope he's not just tryin to make me feel better.So about how long do you have to go until you hear from them?That's going to be so hard to deal with and I'm just starting with this.You girls hang in there and take care!!!
19 Jan 2009, 09:57
I found this message earlier today and it hit me right in the forehead Duh!
When I was out shopping today, I found a penny on the sidewalk. I
stopped and picked it up, and realized that I had been worrying and fretting in
my mind about things I cannot change. I read the words, 'In God We
Trust,' and had to laugh. Yes, God, I get the message.
>> It seems that I have been finding an inordinate number of pennies in
the last few months, but then, pennies are plentiful! And, God is patient..
Just thought I would share this with all the Military families and there love ones over there in the "Sand Box" as my son Wade calls it.
19 Jan 2009, 08:45
what unit is your sons, Mike's is C troop 104th cav.But he is out of Indiantown Gap and they are from Chambersburg Armery.
For infintry wife, I had the same feelings and excersise has been a big help too! Its really hard not getting to talk to them much.But like the others said, I have to leave it to God and Mike says they are in a safe area in Taji.
19 Jan 2009, 07:11
It is nice to see other Mom's and Wives have the same feelings and thoughts I do. My son just wrote that he arrived in Taji safely but I worry alot and cna't always let him know.
so I have decided to leave it to God and believe in the good training they go through. He is my only 31 year old child. I miss him so much. I keep myself busy but the quiet hours are sometimes tough. Now I read this everyday and see I am not alone in this as neither are our Love ones. thank God for our fathers and grandfathers who fought before our generation. We would not have this privelage/freedom to send messages like this. God Bless America and all those who fight to keep us free from harm. I didn't sign up for this when I married his father and then had our son. My husband died when our son was 15 mo old. He would be so proud of Wade. Well have a as good a day as you can, I will.
19 Jan 2009, 06:24
My husband is on his way to Taji today.I have such a sick feeling in my stomach and this is just the beginning. I hope every soldier makes it home safe.They are all in my thoughts and prayers.I love you Todd
19 Jan 2009, 05:36
So good to hear from you. The boys left McGuire about 8pm on the 17th. Maybe your husband was with them??!! They were at Fort Indian Town Gap before they went to New Jersey. We were able to spend the weekend with them. I will keep Mike in our prayers. I am glad that the guys were able to watch the game. I am sure that was like having a piece of home with them.GO STEELERS!!!
What a culture shock this is going to be for them. We are a Middle class American family.
18 Jan 2009, 15:07
This is to Becky...My husband Mike is 56th too! And flew out of Mquire on the 17th. I talked to him today and they were watching football at the 24 hour Starbucks! Hope that helps! I know I am already feeling the sadness if less communication.
18 Jan 2009, 13:52
I noticed that Vivian said that her stepson is on his way to Taji. My 2 sons left on Friday (January 16th) and are now in Kuwait (January 17th)and in about three weeks they will be in Taji. They flew out of McGuire Air Force Base. They are in the National Guard Stryker Brigade 56th.
I talked to them last night and they sounded very tired and their girlfriends said that they were in culture shock. I cannot imagine how they are feeling. I love and miss you Stephen and David. Come home safe and soon. Mom
Edna Hove
16 Jan 2009, 12:47
Get connected with window live messenger Worried mom. I have contact more than I imagined thanks to that messenger. My son is heading to Taji I think not sure. I pray and rely on God for his safety as well as those he is serving with. I wish this site were up to date too. I just have to believe they publish news that will not in amy way put our Loved ones further in harms way.I only want to know they are surviving and will be home soon. I have tried to send this before but the so called security image is always wrong then I lost the message I was sending. go figure I will try once more.
Shelly Keeseman-Ferry
15 Jan 2009, 13:08
My husbands unit is heading there this month! Please pray for them all!
14 Jan 2009, 05:09
My stepson is on his way to Taji. He is currently in Kuwait. He is Sgt. Tom Cotter, part of Bco 1-111th Infantry, 56th SBCT. My prayers are with him and all those serving our country!
11 Jan 2009, 19:26
My unit (1138th mp) Leave may 22 for Taji Iraq 2 do epw transport.
11 Jan 2009, 07:59
My son Sean was just sent to Taji. I would love to be a penpal to Donna's son Matthew. I pray for all our soldiers and their families.
10 Jan 2009, 00:53
my son Matthew is been in taji since oct. would love to talk with anyone who wants a penpal, and of course support. I am disabled and not able to its taking its tole on me.. ill be in prayer for your sons and daughters mentioned here.. God Bless each of you too.As families, we need the support too.. If there is anyone from illinois,collinsville please let me know so i can get them on the list with adopt a platoon. we want to make sure they get packages. hope to hear from some soon.
Ruben Vargas
06 Jan 2009, 12:50
This is for Jimmy Sandoval with Charlie Company who left last sunday from Fort Hood Killeen TX. headed to camp Taji. You are in our prayers and hope everything goes well.

Your parents
Ruben and Martina
Houston Tx.
04 Jan 2009, 16:51
My best friend, Gina Gonzales, is deploying tomorrow....We are of course very worried, and she is in our prayers. She is one of the best, most special persons I've ever known! GOD bless and keep you Gina, and all of our brave soldiers. Newhouse family
robert linster
22 Dec 2008, 14:20
Good luck Tyler .
I will pray for your safe return from Iraq .
19 Dec 2008, 13:55
I want to wish Jeremy, my wonderful fiance a very Merry Christmas! I wish you could be home with us, but I know that you are making a difference. I am so proud of you! We're praying for you and the soldiers everyday. Miss you and love you with all my heart, Kelsey.
Edmundo ANG
16 Dec 2008, 18:44
mi son Edmundo Ang Jr stationary in Camp Taji, my best wishes for all the company safe and comeback soon, 25 infrantry
all u falmily miss yaa
DAvid Hoffman
04 Dec 2008, 09:45
My brother seargent kevin Mcnamara is stationed here and he comes home in one month god bless every one over there
Tommie Graves
01 Dec 2008, 09:43
My son, Chase & neice Jessica at stationed at Camp Taji. I heard it gets pretty cold at night. It's their first time and I pray the Good Lord brings them back home!
Mom & Aunt Tommie
30 Nov 2008, 14:21
My husband is at army and he will be mobilize there
Jeff Higginbotham
30 Nov 2008, 07:37
Robert, a great friend, is stationed at Taji & I want to hear any news from there.
15 Nov 2008, 00:47
To Christi-- Go to the ArmyFRG website.
Follow the directions and get logged in.
Most of the units at Camp Taji post newsletters and pictures of what they are doing over there. Also the DOD website is good and well as Stars and Stripes.
14 Nov 2008, 08:29
are there any other sites that will help the parents of solders stationed at camp Taji
Spc. FLowers
28 Oct 2008, 10:13
I was one of the first to get to Taji. We made it what it is... 2Bn/20th Fa 4ID
12 Oct 2008, 15:24
If you scroll the bottom of the page, you will see the five most recent stories posted from Camp Taji and you can always use the search function to search for all the stories posted about Taji. I hope this helps you mom.
woried mom
12 Oct 2008, 09:12
this page is a year old any new updates or changes to the base
Spc. Flowers
10 Oct 2008, 10:58
I wasnt always so nice....
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