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AL Asad Air Base, Iraq
Nov 7, 2007 - 3:45:47 PM
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Al Asad Airbase (ICAO: ORAA) is the largest US military base in the largely Sunni western Iraq (Al Anbar Province). It is currently home to the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing. Other major tenants include the Regimental Combat Team 2, Base Command Group, 507th Corps Support Group (A), and the 32nd Multifunctional Medical BN (MMB) Forward Distribution Team MWSG-27, MWCG-28, and MAG-29. Al Asad also features a compound for the United States SEABEE'S. Seabee's are a Naval Construction Force currently helping to rebuild infrastructure in Iraq. It was formerly an Iraqi Air Force Air Base.

The base was initially secured by the Australian SAS and was turned over to the 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment in May of 2003. 3d ACR was relieved by the Marines of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force in March of 2004. Al Asad has become the largest Coalition base in western Iraq and the equivalent of Baghdad's Green Zone out west.

Al Asad is a major convoy hub hosting hundreds of fuel and supply trucks every day. Huge shipments of fuel are commonly run along the dangerous routes coming out of Jordan and despite insurgent attempts a majority of these convoys arrive at their destinations untouched.

Like other large bases in Iraq, Al Asad offers amenities including an indoor swimming pool, Post Exchange, Burger King, Pizza Hut, a Subway Restaurant and a Green Beans Coffee Shop. The Base Theater is undergoing renovation and is expected to open soon; meanwhile its lobby is the home to the Subway and Green Beans retail locations. Most of the housing on base are 'tin cans', small trailer type containers. Some of the original barracks still remain, however, and are used as well. Overflow tents are used when required, such as transition periods, which can nearly double the number of troops on the base. The base is a common destination for celebrities and politicians visiting American troops in Iraq much like Camp Anaconda. Some past visitors include Chuck Norris, and Toby Keith. While the towns and routes near Al Asad are as dangerous as anywhere else in Iraq, the base itself is rarely attacked due to its secluded location. The Marines have nicknamed Al Asad "Camp CupCake" due to its conveniences that most other areas lack.

The oasis located on the base is mistakenly known as "Abraham's Well", and is purported to have been a stopping during the journey of Abraham recounted in the biblical book of Genesis. Abraham's well, Mamre, is actually in ancient Cannan.

The controversial song Hadji Girl was recorded on Al Asad in 2005.

On September 3rd 2007 (Labor Day), President George W. Bush, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and a Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Peter Pace visited Al Asad and spent Labor Day with the Servicemembers deployed to the base.

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07 Jun 2011, 10:07
You all need to keep opsec in mind. This page can be reached publicly. It is not safe to list names of people who are being sent or are sent and coming back from overseas. That in and of itself is a danger to the Soldiers.
03 Jun 2011, 11:16
I would like to receive news of a soldier his name is Valentino Aroldo, AL Asar Air Base (Camp Al Asad) Al Anbar Province, APO AE 09333 - IRAQ. Who knows anything please let the email or <> <> A hug and thank you!
m dieter
24 May 2011, 18:28
My son has just deployed there. God Bless!
04 Apr 2011, 00:38
Laura M
15 Nov 2010, 12:26
God Bless all of you Randall be careful you don't want me to follow you there. I love you son...Mom
11 Sep 2010, 22:55
Hi Ma'am
Don't worry of your Son.It is safe place in Anbar Province.

07 Sep 2010, 22:10
29 Jul 2010, 00:12
I am search on new freind's in ALA base ?.

Daniel Brooks
24 Jul 2010, 00:03
Abrahams Well.
14 Jul 2010, 07:39
Hi Ashleigh,
You can't find pictures of ALASAD base.It is a military base. But it is safe place in Anbar also most iraqi people like still military in alasad base after 2011...

07 Jul 2010, 19:09
My Husband is at Al Asad AB...and this is my first time being away from him. I would feel better if I could learn more about the Base and see more pictures.

30 Apr 2010, 00:30
I am Omar from AlAsad AB.I am just search on new freind here.


Robert Jablonski
31 Mar 2010, 07:51
Any ideas as to how obtain the email
address of the Al Asad commercial vendor service?...
31 Mar 2010, 06:34
Yes, there is a swimming pool.
09 Mar 2010, 09:27
is there a swimming pool at al asad?
02 Mar 2010, 09:46
Pictures and information are all over google. As long as the pictures are not of any of the aircraft or anything harmful. There is nothing wrong with posting pictures of the Dorm or tent life, or any shopping facilities. There are actual web sites dedicated to Al Asad. This unfortunately is not one of them.
Mrs. Ellis
26 Oct 2009, 23:17
I have to agree with Spc. Palomino. My husband is there and I would like him home alive and safely. I am sure the others feel the same about their family members who are there. For their safety please do not post anything about Al Asad that will cause harm to any of them. I know you are curious, as are the rest of us, but please for the military's safety just be satisfied in knowing they are safe and pray for their safety while there and their safe return home.
Vicky Wood
06 Oct 2009, 09:39
My son is deployed there. As much as I would like to see the pictures, I agree with SPC Palomino, this is for the military.
Thank you all for your support there. Please be safe.
Pat Rehill
02 Oct 2009, 08:29
My grandson is on his way there now can you send me more info on the base
26 Sep 2009, 12:59
my son is on his way there now he is with the 1139mp out of mo. I would like to learn more about the base and see more pics
stephen hurley
24 Sep 2009, 09:18
08 Sep 2009, 09:26
There are pictures of Al Asad on google. It's no big secret what it looks like. lol I am also going there in a few weeks.
Danna Dambacher
05 Sep 2009, 22:59
my son is deployed over there right now i worry for all of you! i just wish you guys could just come home already because these people will never let it end!
spc. palomino
12 Jul 2009, 18:49
SSG PEARSON, with all the respect to your rank, i dont think is right to ask for pictures of a military base. OPSEC!!!! THATS FOR ALL MILITARY PERSONNEL!!! DONT GET US KILLED!! DONT POST INFORMATION ON THE INTERNET!!! DONT BE STUPID, WE ALL WANT TO GET BACK HOME IN 1 PIECE!

05 Apr 2009, 11:51
al asar
SSG Pearson David
22 Jul 2008, 12:08
Do anyone has current pictures of Al Asad? I am due to deploy there sometime and would like know where I am deploying to.
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