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Pentagon Endorses Transfer of GI Bill Benefits to Spouses, Children
By Gerry J. Gilmore, American Forces Press Service
May 16, 2008 - 2:37:59 PM
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Blackanthem Military News
Bill Carr, Acting Deputy Under Secretary for Military Personnel Policy
WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Pentagon provided proposed legislation to Congress to make it easier for servicemembers to transfer GI Bill education benefits to their spouses or children and to increase the tuition ceiling amount paid by the program, a senior Defense Department official said here today.

The proposal was sent to Capitol Hill on April 21. It reflects departmental desire to improve education and job opportunities for servicemembers and military spouses that President Bush cited in his Jan. 28 State of the Union speech.

The ability for servicemembers to transfer their Montgomery GI Bill education benefits to spouses exists now, but it's an either/or re-enlistment option, with most servicemembers choosing bonuses when they sign up for another "hitch," Bill Carr, deputy undersecretary of defense for military personnel policy, said during a conference call with military analysts. Army spouses routinely say that obtaining education benefits is one of their top concerns, Carr noted.

"The law (allows transferability in limited circumstances," Carr explained. "Specifically, you must have six years of service completed and agree to [serve] four more.

"But, that's not what limited it," he continued. "What limited it was that it was presented as an option along with other incentives."

The Pentagon's proposal, he noted, removes the limiting requirement for re-enlistment of at least four years.

Another proposed bill before Congress, Carr said, recommends that servicemembers and veterans receive education benefits similar to those included within the initial GI Bill that was used by nearly 8 million veterans after World War II. President Franklin D. Roosevelt introduced the GI Bill in 1944, which provided full tuition as well as a monthly living allowance for military veterans who opted to go to school after receiving honorable discharges.

But today is a different time and circumstance, Carr said. The rationale for the original GI Bill, he explained, was that the end of the war would release millions of veterans into a job market that couldn't absorb them. When war erupted in Europe in 1939, the United States had a 17-percent unemployment rate; its economy was still gripped by the Great Depression that had begun a decade earlier.

The current Pentagon-endorsed proposal on Capitol Hill recommends increasing the GI Bill tuition ceiling from about $1,100 a month to about $1,600, Carr said. That figure, he said, dovetails with current average college tuition costs.

According to recent studies of military manning requirements, the re-introduction of original GI Bill-type education benefits would scramble the Army's personnel system, Carr said, and cause an exodus from the ranks. The Army would lose 8,000 soldiers a year, he said, and it would have to invest an additional $100 million annually for retention incentives. Recruiting would have to be ramped up to make up for the anticipated shortfall, he added.

Re-introducing the old GI Bill "would have a sharp effect on retention and be a shock to the system," Carr emphasized, adding it would hurt Army re-enlistment rates, now at about 50 percent, when the Army is working to add 65,000 additional soldiers to the force.

The initial GI Bill was used when America had a conscripted military force that had many more members and a much-higher attrition rate, Carr pointed out. With today's volunteer force, it is necessary that "we should provide a fair education benefit and be attentive to retention," Carr said, noting extreme care should be taken to retain the noncommissioned officers who form the backbone of the military.

"If we provide the average national [college tuition cost] and then leave it to the veterans to make their choices, that's not unreasonable, given that we have a competing concern about sustaining seasoned NCOs to lead a larger military," Carr said.

Before World War II, college and home ownership were mostly unreachable for the average American. Because of the GI Bill, millions of veterans earned college degrees, thus preventing a flood of the post-war job market. Millions of World War II veterans also used their GI Bill benefits to buy houses with federally guaranteed mortgage loans.

By 1947, veterans accounted for nearly half of college admissions. By the time the original GI Bill ended in 1956, 7.8 million of 16 million World War II veterans had participated in an education or training program.

The Defense Department enrolls servicemembers to receive Montgomery GI Bill benefits, but the Department of Veterans Affairs implements and manages the program. The VA pays the tuition bills.

About 97 percent of today's servicemembers enroll for GI Bill benefits, and slightly more than 70 percent actually use them. That's the highest usage rate of any GI Bill in history.

"If we retain well, then we have a seasoned force, Carr observed, noting just one in eight servicemembers re-enlisted after their first hitch during the draft era. Today, nearly 50 percent of servicemembers re-enlist after their initial term of service, he noted.

"That matters, because that produces the experience profile that produces the experienced NCOs," Carr said. "And, with the weapon systems that we've bought, that's all that's going to work in keeping them maintained and operating."

In short, providing original-style GI Bill benefits for today's all-volunteer force would create "an exodus" of servicemembers and "a performance concern" across the military, Carr said.

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barbara a mccray
23 Jun 2011, 15:42
my father was a world war veteran and i'm not sure of the exact amount i used of my fathers gi benefits when i atended college in 1986 and i was wondering could my son use the rest to attend college since is his biological grandson and if so how would he go about applying for the money do we go to the veterans administration here or apply online please help asap email at
16 Jun 2011, 20:46
My Father is a Vet of WWII (Navy) and a retired Senior M/sgt of the Air Force (1979) 35 years of service. He never used his GI bill. Is it possible for myself and or even my son his biological Grandson) to be able to use his GI Bill for either my Masters or my son's current College? My Dad is still alive if that makes a difference.
01 Dec 2010, 05:38
My husband is a WWII and Korean War veteran. Are his GI Bill educational benefits still available or is there a lapse time for use? He is 81 and I am 61 and have returned to college. If there is anything available from the government to help me with my educational finances (which have become overwhelming) please email me any information. Thank you for reading this and responding.
Terry z
20 Oct 2010, 08:47
I served in the army for twenty four and a half years and was on active duty for two. I am now retired and i was wondering if i could transfer my GI bill to my daughter (who is 18 years old and currently a senior in high school )so she could use it to go to college, since i never used it and if so how does one go about doing that?
Pamela Graves
02 Oct 2010, 17:57
P.S. He retired from the Army in 1996
Pamela Graves
02 Oct 2010, 17:55
My daughter is 17 graduates this year, her father died Oct 2007, his education benefit he never used all of it only a small portion can it be transferred to his children to use? I was told it had to be transferred and it had a 10yr window. He cancelled the SSI because we had insurance with the companies we worked for back then and when he passed he had no life insurance leaving nothing. I hope VA can help in assisting with the college benefit that was never used by their dad.
nick rose
24 Aug 2010, 19:27
my father has been in the navy for 24 yrs and is currently still in. i am 21 and want to use his G.I. bill to go to college. will i be able to even thow im 21?
Yolanda Garrett
19 Aug 2010, 09:59
My ex-husband served 20 years, and died in 2005 active duty, we have two kids, 17 and 13, can they apply for GI BIll benefits?
Garnett Gaskin
17 Aug 2010, 10:22
I am active duty with 18 1/2 years. My daughter is 24 and can't be put in DEERS. How can I transfer GI Bill benefits to her?
Keith Colls
05 Aug 2010, 10:19
I was in the reserve from Feb 1970 until Feb 1995. Is there anything I can transfer to my children for school?
Donald Ray Trull
05 Aug 2010, 09:48
entered Navy 1973
out 1976
did reserve time
went to community college 24 months
back into Navy 1979
retired Navy 1997

Can I transfer any of the remanding GI Bill to my daughters, ages 27/24?
thanks for reading
23 Jul 2010, 11:02
I am retired Army and was wondering can my daughter use my GI Bill for College? I have never used it. If so, how do we go about it. If not, are there any other options. Thanks for your response.
James Santana
06 Jul 2010, 14:07
My ex-wife retired as a naval officer in 2008. Can she transfer her post 9/11 GI Bill to our daughter?
David Bushey
03 Jul 2010, 10:06
I served in Vietnam in 1968-1969 and was wounded. I did not take advantage of the GI Bill at that time. Can those benefits be used for my son who is starting college this fall?
Keith Colls
14 Jun 2010, 15:49
Retired with 25 years of National Guard in 02/1995. Can I transfer any benefits to my daughters age 18 and 16.
Billy Gillooly
11 Jun 2010, 07:06
Michele Madley,

Yes, there is a new program that is called the Gunny Fry Scholarship program through the VA. She would be able to go to school under the Post 9/11 GI Bill at 100% tuition Covered. For Information on this benefit, go to

Any other questions can be directed to the VA at 1-888-4424551
michele madley
05 Jun 2010, 21:27
my daughters friend's father died last year. He was killed in a car accident. His child just graduated from high school. Father was in the air guard. Does the child qualify for any assistance for college
bobbie kilgore
30 May 2010, 13:38
we have a daughter who wanting to college next husband retire in 2001 after 27 years of service...........can our daughter get help from the gi services?...
Rachel Shepherd
25 May 2010, 09:03
My husband was active duty for the army national guard during Operation Enduring Freedom and deployed to Germany from Jan 2002 to late July 2002. He has over his 180 days of active duty required for his veterans status. He got out of the military in 2003 can he transfer his GI Bill to me since I am going to college?
rossi allen
24 May 2010, 23:25
my dad just died and he was a vietnam vet. my uncle has power of attorney. i wanted to know am i entitled to any benefits.
sabrina gaarcia
20 May 2010, 15:55
My dad is in the navy active duty, when I go to college in 2012 am i entitled to any of his GI benefits for college? He hadnt used any of it. Thank you
Doug singer
26 Apr 2010, 21:01
I served in the US Coast Guard from July 2003 and retired as a chief in August 2003. Am I eligible for this GI bill and if so can I transfer to my two kids? What steps do I take if this is possible?
verse robinson
20 Apr 2010, 14:26
i need a copy of the doccument saying that it was transfer
cynhtia mckinney
19 Apr 2010, 10:05
my husband served in the army for four years and has a honarable my daughter who is a senior in high school this year entitled to use his g i bill money for college if it was not used by him and if so what do we need to do in order for her to recieve it
Lindsay Larson
12 Apr 2010, 19:06
My Dad retired in 1978 when I was born. He served in the Navy. I'm 31, already have a degree but want to go back to school. Is it possible for me to use his unused g.i. bill funds? I've just been told that I don't get a gov. grant because I already have a degree, and years ago I couldn't get a grant because I was too young and didn't have kids!!!! This may be my last option to pay for school. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!
Bryon Reeves
11 Apr 2010, 07:30
I have the GI Bill. I got out of the Army in 1999. I will never use the GI Bill . Can I transfer it to my son that is a high school senior this year?
02 Apr 2010, 17:02
My father retired as a LT Colonel for the army sometime in the 1990's and I am 26 now, is he able to transfer and GI money to me and if so how do we do this for school? Please contact me asap
26 Feb 2010, 17:44
My father was killed in WWII. I never received any benefits for college. Now my adult son would like to go. Can he receive these benefits? I know it's been a long time, but I'd like to get "something" for the suffering of not having a father.
Kristen Haxby
24 Feb 2010, 07:42
I am Active Duty Air Force and I am trying to find out some information for my dad who was in the Navy for 8 years ending arround 1989. He has never used his GI bill and wants to transfer it to my brother to use. Is this possible?
lawrence fowlkes
17 Feb 2010, 21:15
My daughter attends university of pheonix. Is it possible for her to get any financial aid from my GI bill. I retired from the military after serving 30 years in the Air Force. Could you send me any information about this.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Lawrence Fowlkes
Jeremy Zwaga
17 Feb 2010, 15:07
My girlfriends dad is retired from the marines. Her parents said that she has to go to school full time for her to get benefits is that true?
17 Feb 2010, 14:57
I am 16 years old and i will be attending college in fall of 2011. My Father served in the Navy since he was 17 and left with an honorable discharge in 1994. From a previous message i saw that the GI Bill expires after 15 years.. So are there any exceptions? Is there anyone i can contact to find out more information about the GI BIll?
Giselle Immerfall
17 Feb 2010, 14:51
I am soon to be attending college and my father has served in the navy for more than ten years and never attended college. I saw in a previous message that the GI bill expires after 15 years ... is there an exception because my father left the navy with honorable discharge in 1994 and I will attend college in 2011? Is there anyone i can specifically talk to to find out?

Jackie Morgan
16 Feb 2010, 17:17
Can my daughter use my father's GI bill for college if he did not and neither did I?
Earl Clark
16 Feb 2010, 13:29
I retired from the Army with 27 years in 1993. Does my 17 yo daughter have any college benefits from my service ?
Steven Herfel
11 Feb 2010, 10:55
Served in the USMC 1988-1992, honorable discharge. Never used my GI Bill and my daughter graduates this year and is going to collage, can my unused GI Bill be transfered to her. Thanks, Steve
10 Feb 2010, 07:16
My husband retired in 1995 afte 20 years of service and never used his GI Bill. Is it still active and can it be transferred to me? I would like to go to college and it would really help.
Karen Brumfield
08 Feb 2010, 09:05
Can I transfer education benefits to a grand child?
05 Feb 2010, 06:35
I been married to a retired servicemen of the military for almost 6 yrs and we have 4 yrs old. We are now separated though were still married. His in the US while me and his son lives here in the Philippines and never been to US. He applied additional benefits on his pension for me and his son but it goes on his pension. We didn't get any from it though he supports but I think its not enough. I wonder if how the benefits that intended for me and his son goes directly on us and not on him. Hope someone who could help me out with this. Thanks.
Tarra Griffin
20 Jan 2010, 13:22
my sons father was in the army reservve from 1988-1994 when he was killed in a car accident. My son will be graduating in May 2010. is there any way he can go to college off of his fathers GI Bill?
Elizabeth Nila
20 Jan 2010, 11:31
My husband spent 20 years in the Marine Corps and participated in both wars. He retired 2 years ago and only used a very small amoount of his GI Bill.. Can I use it as well?
Dee Scott
14 Jan 2010, 10:51
My twin daughters are high school seniors going to a university in the fall 2010. Their father is retired Army sometime during the period 1996-1999. Both girls have military dependent ID cards (both are in DEERS.) Do they qualify for any VA educational benefits? I have heard about the post 911 benefits but what about those prior to 911? We do not have access to his DD214.
wanda woodall
12 Jan 2010, 07:25
I served 7 years in the army reserves and didnt use my gi bill can my daughter use it?
11 Jan 2010, 11:33
We have 3 children that are wanting to go to college. 1 needs to enter now and the other 1 graduates this year. The last 1 does not graduate till 2016. How do we go about splitting this up for them to use. Where do you get the paperwork? Also, If a stepfather and father have GI Bills, can the children use both of them?
Donte Bennett
04 Jan 2010, 14:01
My fiancee's father served in the military. I was wondering does she receive benefits for college? He is deceased but he served 8 years. Is her college tuition paid for? If so, how do I go about seeking the proper information to help her?
John Aufenanger
30 Dec 2009, 09:49
I am a 40 percent disable vet with 6 years in Marines with a honorable discharge that never used his GI Bill. I got out March of 1995, is there anything I can do to get beneifits for my kids?
Susan Cadice
29 Dec 2009, 10:19
I am the spouse of a Veteran. My husand served 12 years active duty before transferring to the Air National Guard where he continued to servce 1985-2003 traditional Guard. Is his GI benefits available for my education?
27 Dec 2009, 12:16
My husband served from 1976 to 2004 and feel under the old MGI Bill. Now retired, can he transfer his MGI Bill to me, his spouse, so that I may use it? And if so, what paperwork or who do we contact in order to complete the paperwork process in order to proceed with the process. We are located in VA.
Shadrick Brown
20 Dec 2009, 07:11
To Whom It May Concern:
I elected to transfer my Mongtomery GI Bill to Post 9/11 to one of my dependent and I have a question. The transfer was submitted about 3 weeks ago and approved, I currently have 18 yrs in and planning on dropping my Retirment in Oct 2010, if approved I will be retiring in Oct 2011. Do I have to do additional yrs to transfer this benefit over or would I have meet the qualifications to transfer this over to my son who is due to attend college in the Winter term of 2010.
Kayla Sell
14 Dec 2009, 11:27
Hello, My name is Kayla Sell and my father was in the military for over 15 years. He got very sick and had to have an honorable discharge. I believe he hadn't used his GI Bill. What could I do to find out if I could get it, as I am in college and it would help out a lot! Thanks for your time
jessie skipper
08 Dec 2009, 17:50
I like to know if I have any GI bill to transfer to my daughter.

I am a 70% disable vet
06 Dec 2009, 18:57
My husband has served in the Navy for 5 years. He has used some of his GI bill. However, I have been married to him for goin gon 5 years now and will return to school when he is finished. Is there any way for me to use some of his GI bill after he is finished?
Jacqueline H. Shuler
04 Dec 2009, 15:47
My husband retired in 1998. Is there any assistance for our son who will graduate high school in May 2010. He would like to go to a Tech school for a year and then to a four year instate University. Please help with any suggestions you may have.
23 Nov 2009, 10:06
Do i have to be retired in order to transfer G.I. Bill to my child
Daniel C. Dykes
20 Nov 2009, 12:37
I retired 1 May 2007 after 24 years of service. I never used the GI Bill, am I qualified to transfer my GI Bill to my daughter who will be graduating in May of 2010.
Melissa Wilson
20 Nov 2009, 10:58
My husband spent 4 years in the Navy during the Gulf War. He got out in late 1993. He did not use his GI Bill. Would it be possible for our kids to use it to go to college? Thanks,
David Yun
17 Nov 2009, 23:22
I've served 24 years as an active soldier in U.S. Army.
My retirement date was 30 Nov 2004.

Can i transfer my GI Bill to my son?
I never used it.
Hope Turner
17 Nov 2009, 12:08
my dad was in the army ,many years ago he thinks i still am able to get his GI bill as well as my children so that we can go to collegde is this true he was in nam around 67
James Cody
10 Nov 2009, 15:37
My father was in the military(marines) and he passed away when I was 6 months old. I'm 17 yr old now and would like to know if I am eligible for the G I bill benefits?
09 Nov 2009, 18:52
my brother is currently in the us national guard and will be deployed soon can he use his gi bill to help me through college
Karen Perkins
07 Nov 2009, 20:35
My ex-husband was active duty Air Force for 20 years and retired in 2001, at which time he became a Civil Service employee. Unfortunately he passed away from cancer in 2007. He never used is GI Benefits, our daughter graduates from high school in 2010 and would like to go to nursing school is she eligible to receive his GI Benefit to help her in attending school?
Christine Cirino
21 Oct 2009, 21:04
I am a veteran of the us army and am disabled. I would like to transfer my gibill benefits to my oldest daughter who graduates June 2010. I receivedthe application for family member to use tranferred benefits but have questions on some parts of the application. Due to the high call volume I cannot get anyone on the phone to help me with some of the questions and I would also like to know if she can go to a instate college such as James Madison University in Harrisonburg Virginia or if it has to be a college of your choice. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Robert L Abrom
13 Oct 2009, 01:20
I am a Vietnam vereran who never used any if my GI bill benefits, I would like to know if I can transfer benefits to my 33 year old daughter who is working on her masters.
09 Oct 2009, 07:52
I am a military spouse, my husband retired Sept. 2005, after 20 years in the Navy. He never used his GI Bill, Can I used his GI Bill under the new GI Bill plan.
09 Oct 2009, 07:30
I am a military spouse, my husband retired October 2005, after 20 years in the Navy. He never used his GI Bill and he contribute to the GI bill, Can I used his GI Bill under the new GI Bill plan.
melissa cantrell
08 Oct 2009, 19:18
My father was in teh US marine corp from 1976 to 1980 and then went into the National Guard. I went to college in 2005 and when I applied for aid all of his records were somehow blocked. We recently learned tehy were unblocked. I graduated in 2008. My father passed away recently due to cancer. Is tehre any way to apply his or my grandfathers benefits to my federal loans? We tried before and we could not get it all to go through now I find out posthumously that everythign was unblocked. What do I need to do?
28 Sep 2009, 08:44
My father served in WWII (Japan), Korea, Operation Redwing and Vietnam. He only used a partial amount of his MGIB benefits after retiring from the USAF in 1970. I remember him saying that he wanted to go back to college and take a few courses before his benefits ran out, but he never got around to it. He died in 1994 with Gi Bill benefits remaining. With the the Post 9/11 bill underway, did anything change for soldiers and marines who served previous to 9/11. Are his benefits totally expired so that they cannot be transferred to me or my siblings?
sheron kendrick
26 Sep 2009, 17:44
I served in the army for 16 yaers total I am a disabled veterain at 70% now I have never used my Gi Bill Benefit My wife want to use it can this benefit be transfered to her to use.
Tom Miller
14 Sep 2009, 08:36
I was in the Army from June 73 to June 77. I also served in the Ohio Nation Guards in 83. Can I transfer my G.I. bill to my son?
oller Harris
14 Sep 2009, 07:14
I am a military spouse, my husband retired June 2007, after 26 years in the Army. He never used his GI Bill nor did he contribute to the GI bill, Can I used his GI Bill under the new GI Bill plan.
27 Aug 2009, 22:26
my sons father just died, he was in air force, i want to know if my son is entitled to any benefits, he is 16
Angie Young
27 Aug 2009, 18:21
I married an active member of the USA reserves who retired in 2005. He already has his masters degree. I am a RN with associates degree and I was wondering if he can allow gi bill funds to be transfered towards me finishing my education as well. I hope to continue after I get my BSN, get my Masters and Nurse Practitioner's license as well. With is retirement status could that disallow usage of funds for my education?

Thanks for any help
karl king
20 Aug 2009, 11:09
does anyone know if my daughter can use my GI bill to get her LNA
Edward Thomas Jahnke
13 Aug 2009, 15:37
I served in the US Navy active 1957-1961 and two yrs inactive. I've never used the GI Bill. Is there anyway I could use the GI Bill at this time? Also, If not, could I transfer my GI Bill benefits to one of my daugthers for college?
Bruce Hughes
06 Aug 2009, 14:53
Ive just retired with 27yrs of service.Ive never used the GI Bill for anything.Can my son or daughter eligible for the education benefits that ive earned for college ??
Roger beaston
15 Jul 2009, 05:26
Do i understand right even though i put all my time in the national Guard 20 good years my daughter does not qualify for the GI bill I also get just 10 percent disibality
Dominique Garcia
14 Jul 2009, 07:37
I am 20 years old and my father has served 22 years in The United States Marine Corps, He is currently getting his Masters Degree that his current job in the DOD is paying for. He has the GI Bill and has not touched one cent of it. My father retired in 2002, it has only been 7 years since his retirement. My father will like to transfer his GI bill to me but according to the 9-11 he can not is there any other way he can transfer the GI bill to me, we planed all 4 years of my college around the GI bill. I do not see how this is fair. What about the Veterans? What about the people who put their lives on the line for this country? and invested in the GI bill? What happens to their money? Can someone please inform me better on this issue. You can contact me at
walter saucier II
14 Jul 2009, 07:23
Two questions. One my wife just got her bachelors degree through another school. Can i use the GI BILL for as a loan repayment? Second question- How or when it comes time to give it to my kids. Is it set for one child or can you split it for two and if so is the money cut in half or will the both of my kids have 100% of there tuition payed for. Thank you for your time.
SSgt. Daniel J. O'Keefe
06 Jul 2009, 11:48
I have been retired since 1992, I had used a portion of my V.A. tuition assistance. I was told that If I did not use it in 10 years that I would loose it. Is this true, also is it possible for me to transfer the balance of my V.A. tuition to my son for his education?
Christian Ellis
30 Jun 2009, 05:42
I am looking at getting laid off from my job soon, my husband retired from the Air Force in 2006 after 20 years, can he transfer his GI Bill to me so that I can back to school and further my education while I am unemployed?
Darren Kotajarvi
27 Jun 2009, 14:03
I recently retired from the USNR. I put 7 years active duty and the rest in the reserves. I never used any Montgomery bill. Is it trasfereable to my wife or 2 children my son just enrolled in collage starting this fall. Darren
Mercedes Davis
19 Jun 2009, 20:48
This can answer a few questions 940&p_created=1216039062&p_sid=Ra2qOcxj&p_accessibility=0&p_redirect=&p_lva =&p_sp=cF9zcmNoPSZwX3NvcnRfYnk9JnBfZ3JpZHNvcnQ9JnBfcm93X2NudD0yMTMsMjEzJnBf cHJvZHM9JnBfY2F0cz0mcF9wdj0mcF9jdj0mcF9zZWFyY2hfdHlwZT1hbnN3ZXJzLnNlYXJjaF9 ubCZwX3BhZ2U9MQ**&p_li=&p_topview=1
Julio Ledezma
13 Jun 2009, 19:12
i only served in the army reserves for 3 yrs in 1976. Honorable discharded due to medical reasons do my kids get GI Bill benefits?
03 Jun 2009, 08:35
Everyone has good questions about how the Government and DoD is going to go about trasferring these benefits.

This link may help to answer some questions : 940&p_created=1216039062&p_sid=Ra2qOcxj&p_accessibility=0&p_redirect=&p_lva =&p_sp=cF9zcmNoPSZwX3NvcnRfYnk9JnBfZ3JpZHNvcnQ9JnBfcm93X2NudD0yMTMsMjEzJnBf cHJvZHM9JnBfY2F0cz0mcF9wdj0mcF9jdj0mcF9zZWFyY2hfdHlwZT1hbnN3ZXJzLnNlYXJjaF9 ubCZwX3BhZ2U9MQ**&p_li=&p_topview=1
Jerome Patterson
03 Jun 2009, 08:14
I seperated from active duty in 2007 and was wondering if my daughter could use my G.I. BILL. If so how do I go about doing so?
Timothy Johnson
02 Jun 2009, 07:31
I retired in 2006 after 22 years of active duty. I never used my GI Bill Benefits and would like to transfer to my Daughter for her college. Can I do that and if so, how?
Thank you.
28 May 2009, 15:35
take a look
Mike Faught
22 May 2009, 14:10
I served in Viet Nam,Desert shield,Deset storm,Induring freedom and navy navy reseveres for 20 yrs.retired last Nov.2008.Can I transfer any benifits to my son who is 34 to finish his last 18 months of collage in Il.
Teresa Klopfer-Young
14 May 2009, 14:37
My father served in the Korean War and is retired from the National Guard. Both my parents are still alive, but neither one used any of the GI Bill. I am 48 years old and would like to further me education. Can I use any of this toward finishing up my college education.
13 May 2009, 09:54
My dad is in active service and said that when i get ready to go to college in the fall I will be able to use his gi bill, but we have not applied for it yet. He is very upset with my mother because I turned 18 in April and he thought he was finished paying child support but in al its 19. So, he refused to let me use it and I would like to know if he can stop me from doing so.
Kristen Alexander
12 May 2009, 09:39
My father was retired from the military about 4 years ago, but died only a few months after. I am planning to start college in August, and as we all know it can get a little expensive. Is there a way I would still be able to use his GI Bill?

Michael Luken
06 May 2009, 18:10
I retired in Aug 1993 after over 26 years active service. I used some of my G.I. bill but not all of it.

My question is: Can I transfer any remaining benefits to my daughter for her college degree?
Amy Hyland
06 May 2009, 17:44
My ex-husband is in the National Guard. He was in for 12 years and then got out for over 10 years and then reelisted a year a half ago for 6 more years in Arkansas. He volunteered and went to Iraq for a year. He came back and is transferring from a unit in Arkansas to Indiana to be closer to his kids becuse we moved. Our daughter is starting college in the fall and the tuition is very high. He wants to transfer his GI Bill to her. Can he do this? If so, how? And, what do we need to do?


Amy Hyland
01 May 2009, 20:32
My husband retired in 2006 with 26 years in the service. My daughter will be going to college this year. Is the GI bill transferable to her?
Billy Montgomery
23 Apr 2009, 06:20
Good morning,
I have a wife who is to attend college at loyola college in Maryland from 16 Jun - 10 Jul 09. I would love to transfer my gibill for her to finish her college. I have served 20 years and two months on active duty and is currently serving the final three more years for her to complete her Master Degree. Is there a way that you could grant her a special scholarship due to your policy is not in effect until 1 Aug 09.
kathy mcdaniel
22 Apr 2009, 19:40
My husband served in the late 60's and early 70's. He used some of his GI Bill in the 70's. Can I used the rest of it?
Tarvis L Robertson
16 Apr 2009, 12:18
My father was a veteran of Korea & Vietnam. Me and my sister are the actual blood progeny of my father. He remarried and not to long after passed away. Are we as blood progeny eligiable for any benefits?
Balynnda Barrett
15 Apr 2009, 17:32
My father died in 2005. He had a honorable discharge from the navy he never used his gi bill. would me or my brother be able to use it for college.
Elaine Leech
15 Apr 2009, 05:25
My husband retired from the Air Force in 2004 after 28 years of service. He did use some of his GI Bill benefits but not all. We were married the entire time he was active duty. May I utilize his G I Bill to further my education?
robert jones
03 Apr 2009, 09:49
hi my name is robert my father served in the active navy he never used his gi bill he passed away and i was wanting to know if i could use his gi bill to go to college if u could let me know it would be much appreciatedv thank you
10 Mar 2009, 16:16
i served in the army ,75-78. honorable discharge. ive used very little of my educational benifits. can i transfer them to my daughter so she can attend collage?
Steve Broughton
25 Feb 2009, 16:11
I retired about 7 years ago. I have used none of my GI Bill. My daughter graduates from FSU in May. Is there a way I can transfer my GI Bill benefits to my her so she can use it to get her Master's Degree?

25 Feb 2009, 12:56
I am retired military for 6 years now. I have used none of my GI Bill. Are my sons eligible to use my GI bill? I have one in college and one going into college in two years.
John Dobbins
17 Feb 2009, 20:56
I am an 12 year veteran of the US Army and US Navy,9 years Army 3 years Navy. i served in operation iraqi freedom from 2005 to 2006.
I am trying to find out if my adopted daughter is eligible to receive help with her college tuition when she is ready to attend in about 3 years.
I am also a disable veteran with a 40% rating.
Thank you
Tom Gatschenberger
06 Feb 2009, 08:14
My father died in 1992, he was a world war 2 vet ( army ) he never used his benifets can I use them I would like to use education & medical I am now 52 my mother is not deceased. What benifets are there still available to me or for me.
Herold Demes
03 Feb 2009, 06:59
My service Date was 02/1977-02/1980.I used GI Bill for a couple classes at community college. Do I still have my benefit's? I was told you had to use them with in 10 years.Then I heard they were going to lift that time limit.I don,t understand why there is a time limit on this.I am 54 and need to change career's and would like to use these benefit's now.There should be no time limit on benefit's earned by Veterans.And I also think the VA Hospitals should closed and a Medical card issued to all Veterans so they can go to any Hospital/Doctor/Pharmacy they want fully paid for.People who never served should take a tour of a VA Hospital. The care and facility provided is disgusting. I have seen better in 3RD world countries. It would be cheaper for the Tax Payers to abolish the VA Hospital System and issue Medical Cards.The American People should be ashamed of themselves the way our Veterans/Prior Service people are treated.
Adam West
02 Feb 2009, 17:55
My dad served 2 tours in vietnam. Years after iam sure as meny did he had a hard time with drinking and depression and want to tougus for some months. It has been quite a few years now since he has passed away is thier any way i would be able to use his GI Bill? Iam sure it would put a smile on his face to see his son make something of his life. thank you very much
24 Jan 2009, 12:10
My grandson's father was in the Army and never used any educational benefits. Can my grandson now use the the educational benefits? He will be enrolling in August 2009.
Donna King
16 Jan 2009, 11:23
My father died in 1984, he was a world war 2 vet ( army ) he never used his benifets can I use them I would like to use education & medical I am now 56 my mother is also deceased. What benifets are there still available to me or for me.
Sandra A. Shepard
03 Jan 2009, 19:36
My father Ramon M. Antonio died in 1996 and never used his GI benefits. I am the youngest daughter and want to know if I am eligible for any benefits. Both mother and step mother are both deceased.
Jonathon Buehler
03 Jan 2009, 09:47
My father served in the marines and never used his GI Bill. As his son, can I use his GI Bill for my college education?
16 Dec 2008, 11:11
Ms B. Brown

If you have guardianship, I would suggest that you first take the document to a local child support agency to have an order drawn up. Then, you can have their lawyers present the document to DFAS-Clevland(Army's pay system). Once they validate the document, they will immediately begin an allotment to garnish the funds from his wages. If DFAS starts the allotment, he cannot stop it. As long as he is on Active Duty, he should also enroll her in DEERS which will entitle her to an ID card and give her access to medical/dental care at gov't expense. To get the full explanation, you could call the ID cards section of any military installation or seek the services of a lawyer who has knowledge of military policies/procedures. Hope this helps.
Terri Ice
05 Dec 2008, 08:22
my husband reenlisted indefinitely and we were wondering if he would still be able to transfer some of his gi bill to our daughter, who will be starting college soon?
Melanie Caswell
03 Dec 2008, 13:46
My Dad was a vietnam veteran and none of us children took advantage of his GI loan for college....
I am 33 years old and would like to go back to college - how can I get some information on this?
Arlene Enos
27 Nov 2008, 07:38
My husband is a retired Master Chief in the USN. He retired 1991. He has never used any GI Bill Education. Can our daughter use this benefit?
Paulette Shoemaker
18 Nov 2008, 04:13
I am a spouse of a 26 year veteran of our U.S. military. He retired in 1995 and has not utilized any of his education benefits.
Could I possibly qualify for any of my
husband' education funding due him upon

Thank you very much,
Paulette Shoemaker
Max B
14 Nov 2008, 15:51
I have served 23 total years 1/2 actve 1/2 reserve. I was awarded $50,000.00
but only was paid 36,000.00 can my children use the rest for ther college.

Can they use any of my education benifits
Megan Workman
10 Sep 2008, 00:00
I"m planning on going to college soon, I"m 23yrs father was in and out of Iraq he just retired.He said the GI Bill was transferable how do we set this up for spring semester and what exactly does it help pay for? Thank you so much!
25 Aug 2008, 19:43
If your question is directly related to the GI Bill, as I understand it, the service member has to specifically give up their stake in the GI Bill and transfer their benefits to their children, in addition to having served ten years. I think this must be active duty. If he qualifies, and is willing to give up his GI Bill benefits to his kids he has to contact VA. He'll have 15 years from when he leaves active duty for the benefits to be used (how it exactly works for the reserves I have no idea).
My heart goes out to you. My husband is on his third tour to Iraq. We are pretty excited about this new allowance to transfer GI Bill benefits to children.
Brenda Brown
17 Jul 2008, 09:45
I am the Grandmother of a two year old, whom has a Father in the Resrves. The Mother, My Daughter is incarcerated, and the Father is not paying Child support.Does the Army have any benefits for this child, since her Father is in the Army Reserves, and has spent a year in Iraq? He still is in active duty. If so what, and how do I go about seeking the proper info to find out how to recccieve it? I have Guardianship, at this time while my Daughter is in jail.
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