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Afghan Army helicopters and soldiers assist flood victims
Apr 2, 2007 - 5:28:03 PM
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Blackanthem Military News, BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan - The Afghan National Army Air Corps evacuated flood victims in the Ghorban district of Parwan province yesterday.  Villagers were air lifted by the Air Corps' Mi-8 helicopters.

"This mission represents an important milestone for the ANA," said Maj. Christopher Belcher, a CJTF-82 spokesman.   "It demonstrates the tremendous progress they have made and their great capability to protect and serve the people of Afghanistan."
Elsewhere in the Parwan province, Afghan soldiers safely evacuated 350 families from the Sayed Khel district when swollen rivers forced their evacuation, while another 33 families were given assistance in the Shin Wari district.  The homes of these 383 families were destroyed and the families are staying with relatives and friends this evening.
"This shows the dedication of the Afghan security forces to the safety of the people of Afghanistan," Belcher said. 
"The Afghan military will protect the people it serves from any danger, whether the danger is from extremists or from natural disasters," he added.
In Laghman province, the Mehtar Lam governor has requested Coalition Forces assistance in the evacuation of nearly 40 families stranded by rising water 19 km south of Mehtar Lam.  Coalition Forces delivered humanitarian aid in the form of food, clothes and blankets to the Qhargahe District Center.   Coalition Forces will continue rescue operations tomorrow.
Rain and snow melt in eastern Afghanistan has caused rivers and creeks to rise above normal levels.

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